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  1. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Pepper Sauce Bottle

    Picked up this super looking pepper sauce bottle. I am wondering if anyone knows who the maker could be or has any other information on it?
  2. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Bludbilder - J. W. Cole & Co., Black River Falls, Wisconsin

    Hello everyone, I have a mystery bottle here that I can't find any information on. There is no online information about the bottle and very little about the company. Does anyone have information about this one? Is common or rare? Is it valuable or a dud? Any information is appreciated...
  3. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Spetacular Benedictine Bottle

    Anybody seen this one or have any background info on where and when it was manufactured? Thanks! Larry
  4. Larry the Bottle Guy


    I picked up an old bottle book titled "Antique Whiskey Bottles" and was pursuing it. On page 44 I came across a bottle that I have to know more about, it is titled the "Eagle Bottle". The description goes on to say that the bottle has 32 embossed eagles with spread wings, is deep amethyst in...
  5. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Rare Hartwig Kantorowicz Whiskey Bottle?

    Folks, I have seen many bottles from this maker but have never seen this variant and cannot find any information online. Has anyone seen this bottle? Any thoughts on rarity or value? Thanks! Larry [attachment=IMG_6952.jpg]
  6. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Old Constitution/Max Alexander/Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

    Looking for information on this bottle. I can't find any information and am wondering if anyone is familiar with this manufacture and where it was produced. Thanks!!!
  7. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Reproduction or Original? Success to the Railroad

    I acquired this bottle and followed up after buying it?! Hoping that I did not pick up a reproduction bottle. It looks good to me and has the right look and feel but I am not really very well versed with historical flasks. I have the American Bottles and Flasks book by Mckearin/Wilson and it...
  8. Larry the Bottle Guy

    NEWMARK & GRUENBERG & Co. A.A.A. S.F. Coffin Whiskey - What's it Worth?

    Picked up this awesome Newmark & Gruenburg coffin whiskey this week. I believe it to be a scarce or rare bottle, not much on the web regarding the rarity. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Larry
  9. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Demijohn w/ Open Pontil

    Anyone have information on this Demijohn? Three piece mold, open pontil and embossed with a 2 in a circle. The owner stated that they found it in Slaterville R.I.
  10. Larry the Bottle Guy

    Gambrinus Beer - Looking for info.

    Hello, I am new to the forum and recommended by a long time member to register. I am looking for addition information on the following bottle. It is a "Gambrinus Stock Co. Bottled Beer, Cincinnati OH" bottle. I have located information about this bottle on the following website...

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