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    Bottle probing rod..how to make and use.

    Glad to learn that others have developed the skill to use the rod...it will talk to you if you practice. Up here in western PA sampling the ground is not required. At times I've just about stood on those handles due to loose shale when hunting specifically for the privy...I've never bent a rod...
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    Bottle probing rod..how to make and use.

    Spring steel rods made from trunk springs (2 crossed rods with angles ends) will not bend and will transmit a better sound than the rod you must have made yours from. I've put my full weight of 175 lbs on mine when probing for privies for over 30 years and it's still straight as an arrow. The...
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    Double Eagle / E.C. Booz / Scroll Quarts

    Digging and finding has great rewards, I also could hit the shows and buy but then the interest in the piece drops so I don't bother going. I keep hearing about all the wealth in CA, if this is the case why don't you where-with-all people band together and help with your "street people" problem...
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    Double Eagle / E.C. Booz / Scroll Quarts

    I partially agree with you but not living in CT I'd be a poor judge of the possibility of finding valuable and historical bottles, flasks, etc. I will say that hundreds of fine specimens are still waiting to be removed from their resting place. How much research how you done as to the location...
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    Bottle probing rod..how to make and use.

    I forgot to show you what the tip of the probing rod should be...this is IMPORTANT!
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    Bottle probing rod..how to make and use.

    In 1962 I made my first bottle probing rod and having nothing but problems I continued to develop this rod for the next 5 or so years. I finally designed the perfect rod for finding bottles and privies and it has rewarded me with many fantastic bottles, not only single but with it sounding the...
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    Coca Cola Bottle December 23, 1923

    Most every Coke Cola bottling plant made them, from Maine to Florida and the mid West. Collectors call them "Christmas cokes". Average price here in Western Pa would run from about $10-$15 tops. Did you ever see the early picture of Santa in a house standing and drinking from one of the coke...
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    Double Eagle / E.C. Booz / Scroll Quarts

    Great grouping of bottles but I'm wondering how many of those you labored to extract from the ground. Here's a picture of just one of many historical flasks, bitters, inks, mineral waters and sodas and medicinals I've dug. Never bought a bottle in my life, did a little trading when I had...
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    Need help on this bottle !!!

    Correct me wrong but the top appears as "tool turned", not applied. There are books available that specialize in all types of bottles including your extract I'm sure. Google that company and add the word "history of".
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    Finding treasure at a traffic light!

    Strange that you mentioned "night owling". In all reality I've spent many thousands hours doing just that. I worked river shore lines, probing in a foot of water by moonlight (Fl). Extracting the bottle a foot or deeper through a foot of water is another story I may describe at a later time. I...
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    Mini wine bottles?

    Quite the mass of bottles! I think one of the most important factors that determine value is "EYE APPEAL". I'm not trying to downgrade you or your fascination with what you're finding but most collectors ignore that particular style of bottle, as that is more than likely because there is lack...
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    Finding treasure at a traffic light!

    While waiting for a traffic light to change in a near by community, I noticed to my left an excavator was dumping its bucket on a hill of previously dumped dirt from the basement of an old building being torn down. Rolling down the dirt was this stoneware canning jar with a stuck on lid still...
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    Blue Hutch.

    That would be considered "cobalt"...other blues are "sky blue", "aqua blue", "ice blue". Cobalt blue is the deepest and richest color of blue and much more desirable, especially in that particular bottle. Very nice piece.
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    it appears to be a monogrammed baby spoon. Many of these spoons had the initial of the boys/girls first name. The basic spoon or fork was first cast into a form full length and then the handle portion, probably made of German silver, slid over the handle portion. During many years of being...
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    Great site for educational purposes

    I haven't been a member of this site but for a short time, but I really enjoy this bottle site as being a collector, digger, book contributor and researcher for more years than I willing to say. I came across this very informative general knowledge site that will help with new-comers to the...
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    Ramdom mystery bottles help im curious ..need imput !!!

    All post 1900-1940's. None appear to have held consumable contents but rather common chemicals used around the house, however the screw capped flask shaped bottle may have been a whiskey and would have had a large paper label. Best to rebury these for future bottle diggers.
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    Heard it was Rare

    Find that person that made that big fuss over that, he/she obviously knows something that the rest of us are not familiar with. What "SanJose" are you referring to?
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    Huge lot of bottles info needed all for sale? Anyone know anything

    I agree with "sandchip" comments. However, don't stop looking as eventually the better valuable bottles will show up. Dedication, perseverance, along with a POSITIVE attitude, are the hallmarks of a successful bottle hunter/digger. First, find historic old homes that no longer exist that predate...
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    Antique Gin Bottle AVH, hand blown

    Just goes to prove, to each his/her own. Sad to see that beautiful sea growth go.
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    Antique Gin Bottle AVH, hand blown

    Actually a very common name and bottle style for that particular gin or perhaps another alcoholic spirits. Some had an applied seal and some didn't. A sealed version adds a bit more value. The marine growth on yours, in my estimation adds, a very desirable uniqueness to your particular specimen...

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