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  1. J

    What kind of jar

    I dug this jar in a dump that is mostly producing 1960s items. Can anyone tell me what type of jar this is? The bottom reads 2 (makers mark) 1 over a 6. Any info is appreciated.
  2. J

    Clear Cleo Cola ACL Columbus, Ohio

    If was similar to this picture
  3. J

    Clear Cleo Cola ACL Columbus, Ohio

    I have only read that Cleo cola is in five states but I was at a local antique store and saw one from Parkersburg, wv. It was the clear bottle with white and red acl . the label did not have a picture of a woman on it, would this be a desirable bottle? It was in poorfair condition.
  4. J

    Carolina Moon and Sun Drop ACLs

    I paid 8 for the Carolina moon and 7 for the sun drop. So I won't lose much if I decide to sell them
  5. J

    Carolina Moon and Sun Drop ACLs

    While vacationing in Pigeon Forge, TN I found these two bottles. Both are in pretty good shape. I can't find much information on the clear Sun Drop one with characters on it. Can anyone tell me if either of these hold any value.
  6. J

    Looking for a good Carolina Moon...

    Re: RE: Looking for a good Carolina Moon... I just bought an orange moon one and its near mint. Can anyone give me an estimated value of this type of bottle. I believe its a '48
  7. J

    Odd ACL Dr. Pepper Bottling Parkersburg, WV

    Re: RE: Odd ACL Dr. Pepper Bottling Parkersburg, WV I just purchased one of these in parkersburg, wv for $10.00 can any one tell me if thst is a good deal or not? Its in better shape than the one pictured but not mint
  8. J

    orange crush bottle

    I have a bottle that is very similar to the one pictured below. The below pictured one is going for a decent amount on ebay. On the bottom of my bottle it simply says 3OF and nothing else. Does anyone know what this means and if mine has value?
  9. J

    Spring Hill ACL bottle

    Ok. i paid $10 for the six pack so I'm excited :-)
  10. J

    Spring Hill ACL bottle

    Thanks I thought the same thing. Appreciate it
  11. J

    Spring Hill ACL bottle

    I recently purchased a six pack of these bottles. They are 7 1/2 OZ and were bottled in Newark, Ohio by the Spring Hill Bottling company. The ACL picture is neat and is of a country side in green and white colors. The back of the bottle reads "Delicious and refreshing beverage 7 1/2 ozs". I...
  12. J

    soda bottle

    Thanks for the help
  13. J

    soda bottle

    I bought it just outside of wv in ohio so you are probably correct. There were more like it all for a dollar each just didn't know if its worth buying the rest or not.
  14. J

    polar cub bottle

    I paid five for it. Another site has one listed for $89.00
  15. J

    what is it?

    Thanks spbob for all the Info. I was in middleport yesterday and found a bottle just like my pictured one. They were asking $10.Also saw an unopened milkay like the ones in the link you just shared.
  16. J

    soda bottle

    This bottle says "SODA" on both sides below the neck. On one side at the base it says 'contents 6 1/2 fl oz' and on the opposite side it says 'bottle pat'd Nov 8 1925'. The bottom of the bottle has "duraglas' in the middle a 3 on the left side of the makers mark and a 64 on the right side of the...
  17. J

    what is it?

    I added a correct picture of the bottom. Sorry for the mistake
  18. J

    Purity Beverage Bottle. What year?

    I purchased a "Purity Beverage" bottle. It reads PURITY BEVERAGE 6 1/2 FLU OZ and is a clear bottle. The bottom of the bottle simply says "MIDDLEPORT O" with the circle diamond symbol. I was wondering what year this bottle could possibly be and if it holds any value. Thanks for your time!!
  19. J

    what is it?

    I just posted a picture of the bottom of the bottle. Its not the greatest pic, like I said i believe it is a 3 on the left an 8 on the right and a 1 below the symbol.

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