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  1. Harry Pristis

    Anyone know what this is ?

    I vote for food jar -- cheese, marmalade, meat paste, etc.
  2. Harry Pristis

    Antique Gin Bottle AVH, hand blown

    THIS is interesting sea growth. I think it is alright to leave a marine growth highlight, to demonstrate provenance, for example. Marine growth that obscures the details of the bottle is best removed. But, this is a disagreement of esthetics with no possible resolution. After seeing...
  3. Harry Pristis

    Antique Gin Bottle AVH, hand blown

    Nice find! You can give this bottle an acid bath to get rid of the marine growth traces. White vinegar is a minimal start. You don't say if the bottle has a pontil scar, and I suspect it doesn't. A closer look at the lip would be useful. Based on what info we have, I'd guess the bottle...
  4. Harry Pristis

    Green wide mouth barrel

    This is the smaller version of the bottle on the right. It is almost certainly a French pickle jar.
  5. Harry Pristis

    Recent purchase, Demijohn for $15.

    Harry . . . I am intrigued by your claim to have "repaired a crack with resin." Can you describe in more detail what you used and what you did with the resin? ------Harry
  6. Harry Pristis

    Spin mold

    A French-form wine bottle. I can't tell if the lip finish is molded or tooled. French cylinder wines are typically turn-mold bottles. And, typically they are green glass.
  7. Harry Pristis

    Who Collects Black Glass?

    Great onion, Robby! According to Van den Bossche, these were mostly made in Belgium and Germany for the Dutch market. I understand that the flat-sided, bright green examples came from Germany. My specimen has ripples and adhesions on the surface, though the lip is precisely finished.
  8. Harry Pristis

    Dutch Onion with Swirl!

    Made for the "Dutch market" in Belgium or Germany, according to Van den Bossche. My understanding is that these straight-sided, bright green onions are German in origin, but it's uncertain. Yours is an excellent example! My example is loaded with surface flaws -- ripples and adhesions, though...
  9. Harry Pristis

    Who Collects Black Glass?

    Here's an onion bottle, the shape was called a "horse hoof" in Dutch.
  10. Harry Pristis

    Who Collects Black Glass?

    Your bottle, Screwtop, is certainly a ringer for a bitterquelle bottle.
  11. Harry Pristis

    a few black glass bottles bottles

    Your images, seniorscuba1, are too dark to examine details. Do you have editing software that came with your camera or with your scanner? Use the image-editing software (or download shareware from the Internet). You can be as creative as you want to be with the editing software, but the...
  12. Harry Pristis

    a few black glass bottles bottles

    It would be great to see some individual black bottles you've recovered on this black glass thread: https://www.antique-bottles.net/threads/who-collects-black-glass.687055/
  13. Harry Pristis

    Any info on old bottle

    It's a common ale bottle, as seniorscuba1 says. The only thing mysterious about such bottles is which glasshouses produced them, or if some of them were imported.
  14. Harry Pristis

    Found these a while back tucked away in my havent cleaned box lol anybody heard of them before or have any info ty(dewy)

    Most likely to be vinegar bottles. Do a search for White House Vinegar.
  15. Harry Pristis

    More mysteries

    The green bottle is a capers jar.
  16. Harry Pristis

    Has anybody seen this one

    Pocket flask. Here's mine:
  17. Harry Pristis

    Identify thin-walled round-bottomed with external turned lip

    I don't think it's a show bottle. My examples are not thin-walled, and they have a simple foot.
  18. Harry Pristis

    Turn Mold wine bottle?

    It's an Italian wine bottle, probably early 20th C.
  19. Harry Pristis

    Repro or Fake Warners

    I've seen at least one, maybe two, colorless Warner's on a British forum recently. Dug in England, as I recall.

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