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  1. epackage

    Pop! Pop! Pop!

    The term soda pop DID NOT originate because of these stoppers, there are instances of the term being used 30-40 years earlier, to spread this rumor as truth doesn't do anyone in the hobby any good, but you're not alone with this exaggerated theory, people have been saying it about hutches as...
  2. epackage

    is it a real blob top?

    Yes round bottom blob top, typically mineral water or soda, mostly ginger all in my experience...
  3. epackage

    Blobs, rare SS, and more!

    No need to apologize at all, just wrote that so people know what it is so they don't overpay for one if they see it at a show or antique store... ;)
  4. epackage

    Blobs, rare SS, and more!

    It's not a bitters bottle it's a mineral water, the NJ squat you're interested is most likely not a NJ bottle based on my research, and no Newark brewers/bottlers have those initials...
  5. epackage


    That may be the brewer/bottlers initials and not the glass company that made it...
  6. epackage

    A bunch of new Paterson N.J. additions....

    We guesstimate is over 1000 glass bottles counting milks and meds, and over 350 stoneware jugs, bottles and crocks. My guess is I have around 850 bottles and about 280 stoneware pieces
  7. epackage

    A bunch of new Paterson N.J. additions....

    This J.R.A. Power 4 gallon jug is coming from Connecticut in February, and the 1 gallon George C. Mason is coming from Florida in two weeks...
  8. epackage

    A bunch of new Paterson N.J. additions....

    Been a very fruitful year, I was able to have first pick of my mentors collection when he decided to stop collecting, so I didn't expect much the rest of the year. However I got very lucky with all my photos showing up on Google searches, I get 5-10 emails a week about Paterson bottles and...
  9. epackage

    Red Matthews R.I.P.

    Very sad to find this out, Red was a wealth of knowledge when I first joined this site and was a friend who I interacted with in emails off site. I would give anything to have either of my own parents to have lived to 89, Godspeed Red, thank you for all you did to help the hobby
  10. epackage

    full Pint flask

    Manganese will turn a bottle various shades of light pink/amethyst to dark purple depending on the amount used in the glass batch and how it is exposed to ultra violet light, nuking them, exposing them to things like commercial food sterilizers can turn them dark purple. Selenium will cause them...
  11. epackage

    full Pint flask

    Terms like "Full Pint" and others are not part of the Gould Act, only actually contents measurements like the number of actual ounces were qualified as legal under the 1913 amendment to the Gould Act.
  12. epackage

    Yet ANOTHER Paterson N.J. "only known" rarity...

    Paterson and Newark N.J. seem to be the centers of the script jug world, just added this 1903-04 2 gallon from Louis E. Hellthal, the only known variant of his jugs to ever appear as well, the "unicorns" just keep coming... lol
  13. epackage

    Yet ANOTHER Paterson N.J. "only known" rarity...

    Some of you may have heard thru the grapevine that I happen to collect Paterson N.J. stoneware, this LONG WINDED post is about my newest acquisition. Back in 2010, about a year after I started collecting glass bottles, I got my first Paterson stoneware jug thanks to my mentor giving me a call...
  14. epackage

    Paterson NJ collection growing by leaps and bounds!!

    Except for some early meds the Archdeacon's are the only known pontiled soda/beer bottles. Bowden was known for his Cherry Beer, and this Only Known example appears to be for that product based on the color, once it's cleaned I'm having the lip repaired...
  15. epackage

    Some GREAT Paterson N.J. "weiss beers"...

    These are my favorite style bottles, added a bunch of rare variants lately, taking them all to our bottle club meeting tomorrow night... I hope all you longtime members are doing well, and the newer members are enjoying it here, I don't visit as often as I used to.... Jim
  16. epackage

    Whats up old guys???

    Many of us are on Facebook bottle groups, I still like to stop in and share new finds from time to time, and to see if anyone has any Paterson bottles I need...
  17. epackage

    TOC Paterson N.J. milk bottle...

    With all the soda, beer and mineral water bottles to be had from Paterson, I'll never understand why so few old milks are ever found. That being said, I am very happy to have added this C.W. DeWitt - Eastside Dairy quart to my collection, it's got just the right amount of SCA to give that extra...
  18. epackage

    Paterson NJ collection growing by leaps and bounds!!

    Only a few pontiled meds, there is an earlier Archdeacon with a rectangular slugplate we have a shard of, dating to 1847 when he first started bottling his own mineral water from his property, before that he let others bottle and sell it. A whole example has never been found of the 1847 variant...
  19. epackage

    Paterson NJ collection growing by leaps and bounds!!

    Yes they are two different variants on the Albertson Internal Stoppers, which were not very successful... This from sodasandbeers.com
  20. epackage

    Paterson NJ collection growing by leaps and bounds!!

    It really is amazing how many bottles were produced for merchants here Harry, and it helps that several liked to have their bottles dated every year, making for a large number of runs of dated hutches, blobs and crown tops...

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