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    Chisca ACL

    Can I buy this bottle from anyone?
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    Eye Candy

    Let's see your eye candy! My thing is Art Deco, embossed, ornate, fancy, etc. Love colors, too, especially green, but (ice) blue is pleasing.
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    Early non-ACL Graf's Sodas

    I recently bought this lot, mainly to get the Graf Zep, but the others are nice. Can anyone date the years they were in service? Are any besides the zeppelin widely collected?
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    What's the deal, why all but worthless?!

    What are these worth, $2 or $3 apiece? What?! Are you kidding me?! WHY?! I know that I could put them on eBay for BIN $10 and they would just sit there! They are old, they are gorgeous, they are Americana, they are not everywhere you look! So, why, tell me why they're all but worthless...
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    Wanted: Similar Vintage Soda Bottles

    I only started collecting but have managed to come by a fair few. Please offer me similar ones: ornate, elaborate, Art Deco, etc. I want more! Thank you.

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