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    Saturday's Digging

    Started of slow!!
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    A few semi-blob bottles

    Weekend finds enjoy!!!
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    Not a bad day!!

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    Hope this works

    2 for 5.00
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    had to resize
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    2 for 5.00 yard sale

    Hi all, Went to a yard sale, looking for a queen size headboard and found these twins pontil,lots of seeds thru the glass, rolled lip perfect!! Name: STONE'S VEGETABLE FAMILY MEDICINE any thoughts couldn't find a headboard bummer
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    don't collect ACLs

    Found this on the way home on the Mass/ Rhode Island border good size dump if anyone is interested let me know.
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    A few hours Saturday digging

    2 c.a. king pure malts Boston Mass, A McCambridge & McCambridge Washington D.C
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    digging partner Mass.

    Slow on my end of town, anybody from the area needs a partner for digging let me know, will travel NH and R.I borders, my usual spot has been taken over by the city dwellers who leave the shelters this time of year to pitch tents for the summer months then leave about October and then I shall...
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    Just mining my own buisness!!!

    Well how do you make a long story short I'll try. Went digging in my favorite spot yesterday and all hell broke loose. Here I am in my hole which is off the main drag and this car pulls up with four guy's in it all with cheap sunglasses on , thought they pulled over to talk,so I kept digging...
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    dug this up a 3 years ago

    the base reads T.P.S &CO N.Y. has a crack in it but One of my favorite resurrections any ideas?
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    first label under glass dug!!

    Shocked me to see this survive in the hole, pretty bad cracks but I will keep it as a example.
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    some bottles I dug Sat, at my favorite spot!!

    sanfords ink,nice lamp or candle holder grounded top,clar-o-type.
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    Saturday's Dig

    "Soaked" but found some nice one's I think.
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    Tuesdays afternoon Dig!!!

    small grouping (tooth pick holder, two marbles, tea cup, small sample wine bottle ...)
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    bottle digging

    Is there anyone digging In southern Mass/ or upper R.I. primarly looking for [8|]dumps or behind pre-existing houses, Im not a privy digger, let me know. thanks Dan.
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    digging partner

    Hi everyone, If anyone needs help digging let me know, my week ends are open. I have a city dump in Brockton Mass, digging is not bad but I have to be careful city workers and all that crap,so I can only dig there on Sundays . The area is about 4 acres the era late 1880-1920 with some...
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    Went digging 2 wks ago. Found these: <IMG SRC=""> <IMG SRC=""> Ever seen this crying baby, cologne maybe? Dan.
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    Bottle Digging

    If anyone needs help digging this year, let me know. I live south of Boston Mass, willing too travel to N.H. and R.I. Thanks Dan.
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    Bottledigging in the spring

    Hello, I live in southern mass, I would like to hook up with another digger or diggers for the spring . Thanks Dan

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