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  1. dygger60

    Mason patent Nov.30th 1858

    Looks like one of the "Dream Color" series reproduced in the 70's...although it won't make ya enough to retire, it still commands a pretty good resale value. There were some jars produced in the later part of the 1800's that looked black but were actually a very very dark purple...they were...
  2. dygger60

    WTS 4 Different midget pint Mason jars

    I have up for sale 4 different midget mason jars....all are in great shape. No cracks, no bruises no staining...all have correct lids except for the Keystone has a CFJCo cap.....the Keystone midget lids are too expensive and hard to find. The improved closure band has a couple...
  3. dygger60

    Mason's CFJ Co Improved Butter Jar

    Here is a pretty cool jar I came across...a bit tough to find them with clear glass....
  4. dygger60

    Glenn & Co. jar

    Simply a fantastic jar....LOVE that lid...that is a good one....I would not want to put a price on it...I would be afraid of being too low..... David
  5. dygger60

    Glenn & Co jar

    (Edward Glenn A> L. W. Glenn), perfumery & soap, 726 Chestnut Glenn Conrad, shoemaker,....tough far as lid is FANTASTIC because of the age alone...price is have asked a couple of people and they are blank...really obscure name......
  6. dygger60

    Here is a couple of scarce jars....

    That is a good thing up here....lots and lots of early American history.....
  7. dygger60

    Early jars

    I LOVE the early years of fruit jars....lots to is a great example....EXCELSIOR. Got this a couple weeks ago.... ....original insert and screw band
  8. dygger60

    Here is a couple of scarce jars....

    Here is a set of unique jars with a mysterious history. These jars were dug at the glass house in Wheeling, West Virginia....and to date, no complete examples exist..I have talked to a couple people and they confirmed what the person I got them from said....ALL known example of this jar are...
  9. dygger60

    Got last week....

    Who knows.....but this will do for now....
  10. dygger60

    Pontiled pint I picked up last week....very happy

    You do not see these often, pint size jars are very scarce for this circa....
  11. dygger60

    WTS Civil War era quart size flask for sale....

    I have a nice aqua quart size flask for cracks or bruises to speak of...LF & Co below UNION and clasped hands...on the reverse is Eagle with banner on shield above PITTSBURG, PA..very nice flask... free shipping and insurance..asking $125.00
  12. dygger60

    Got last week....

    Came across this beauty last week. Saw the ad offering this jar for sale...didn't see a size listed but saw it had a bare iron i bought it and turns out the fellow that owns it lives right down the he delivered it...imagine my surprise when he showed up and pulls out a pint...
  13. dygger60

    Jar Show yesterday in Albany, New York....

    Just a couple of pics from the Albany Bottle Show....LOTS of jars to be had...some very nice ones to boot!! Here is a couple pictures,....
  14. dygger60

    WTS/WTT Hard to find BB WILCOX blue lid in excellent condition

    Here is a tough one....usually find these damaged on the fin....this is a great example....and nice color....asking $45 shipped....would consider a trade for a nice Mason's hg jar...
  15. dygger60

    WTS/WTT Hard to find "STAR" glass insert for HERO IMPROVED tin lid....

    I have a "STAR" variation glass liner for the HERO IMPROVED lid for sale....NO CHIPS, CRACKS or BRUISES....PROBLEM FREE....Asking $55 shipped, or will consider trade for Mason's Patent hg jar....
  16. dygger60

    WTS/WTT Very hard to find glass lid for HARTELL jar.....

    I have HARTELL lid from 1858 for sale...price is $65 shipped....problem free and nice even color...lugs inside lid intact...or will consider trade for nice Masons Patent jar hg size.....
  17. dygger60

    Eagle Brand sun colored half pint

    Thanks much!!
  18. dygger60

    Eagle Brand sun colored half pint

    Came across this last week and was wondering it date....I don't usually collect milks. More of a fruit jar person...but could not pass up a 1/2 pint...LOL
  19. dygger60

    lafayette jar with profile

    It would be worth the investment....
  20. dygger60

    Questions about Canning jar recently dug.

    Nice little jar!!

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