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    Ebay sale
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    Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral

    Can someone give me a ballpark value on this one? Bought it in a lot for resale and need to know a fair price. Can't seem to find much on it. Measures 5 1/4" tall. Has some stain and a couple very small flakes off the heel. - Thanks
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    Vicksburg,Miss show

    The Vicksburg,Miss bottle show is next Saturday(Aug. 11) at the Battlefield Inn,Its a small show,around 40 tables I believe. Really looking forward to it.
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    Anybody been watching them? Was kind of expecting a little more from Michael Phelps. I'd like to have taped some of them but don't have a vcr set up right now,got about 80 hours of Beijing on tape,and still haven't watched the tapes yet[&:]. I think they sell DVDs of the "highlights" though...
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    Rare amber coke
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    Black Bear Beverages help

    Can anyone tell me how scarce/common a white and green ACL Black Bear Beverages is and a ballpark value? All the ones I see on ebay say Black Bear Beverages in white Acl with a bear surroubded by a ring,all white. The one I'd like to know about is a white label with green lettering and a small...
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    Ebay question

    I sold a bottle on ebay that ended July 3. I stated in the listing that payment was expected within 3 days of end of auction,so by Friday the 6'th. Its now Sunday and he still hasn't payed. I sent him a message late last night,haven't gotten a reply yet. I'm gonna give the buyer a couple more...
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    Hillbilly MTN Dew names

    What bottlers names on Hillbilly MTN Dews are rare and which are common? Or at least which ones are common?
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    Anybody have a spare tractor?

    Found this ad interesting. Can't tell if they're good bottles in there or a bunch of cloroxes though. I have to admit I considered parting ways with my four wheeler for a split second.[8D]
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    Age on this feed sack?

    Could anyone tell me the approx. age of this feed sack? - Thanks
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    Glover's Imperial Blood Purifier

    Could anyone tell me the approx. value of a Glover's Imperial Blood Purifier bottle? The only ones I see on ebay have a $100 and $50 prices,but neither have sold. I don't have a picture but heres the link to one of them. - Thanks...
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    Druggist lot

    Got these for re-sale.
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    Quite a gift

    Well,I went to a longtime collectors house yesterday,He had some really nice bottles,including a case of some 40 odd Turlingtons(at least 4 were pontiled),a deep green U.S.A. HOSP DEP bottle with a really crude lip,a really crude little pontiled embossed ink,and several bottles dating to ancient...
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    Few from the festival

    Got these at the Natchez Trace Festival last month,nothing great but I was in a bottle buying mood.(seems like I'm in those alot[&:]). Applied lip Hostetter's.
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    Local labeled apothecary

    I finally gave in and bought this one for $25,I asked the seller if I could make him and offer after it didn't sell the first time but got no response. Anyway,I'm happy to have it as I never thought I'd have a non-acl labeled bottle from Kosciusko.
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    Your crudest bottles

    Whatcha got? I dont really have any overly crude bottles in my collection but I love looking at pictures of em.
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    Nice druggist

    Got this one at the Natchez Trace Festival a couple weeks ago. Embossed ONLY THE BEST B.S. BEAL / PRESCRIPTION / DRUGSTORE / LEXINGTON,MISS.
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    Lynchburg Standard Mason

    Got this one today at the flea market for resale ,will probably go on ebay.This is actually the second one I've bought at that booth. Were these made in Lynchburg,Va?
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    Beidenharn Seltzer

    And much more attractive than the hutches in my opoinion.
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    Is this label original?

    If it is,guess who's gonna own it?[;)] I'm pretty sure its real(I doubt anybody is going to fake a label from here),but I'm always a little wary of bottles with labels.I just don't know how to tell a fake label from...

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