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    Saturday dig in philly

    We dug in philly again this weekend after a not so successful weekend of digging in Virginia last week. The pit was a bit shallower only a 26 footer but still had about 4 feet of nice pontiled layer. We got about 10 iron pontiled sodas and a couple nice pontiled meds and some other odds and...
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    Iron Pontiled R. W. Babington Chester Nj. Soda

    We dug another decent philly pit this weekend I ended up with first pick and took this R.W. Babingtin Chester , Nj. pontiled soda. Does anyone have an idea about rarity or value on this one. Thanks Chris
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    Another Deep Philly Brickliner

    We dug another deep brickliner in Philly on Saturday. It wasn't as good as the one a couple weeks ago but still wasn't bad. It measured in at 31 feet deep. We found a couple dozen pontiled sodas some stoneware bottle and several pontiled meds. Also there were about a hundred milks and blob beers...
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    Dug a good pit in Philadelphia in the rain Sunday

    Dug a loaded pit in Philadelphia on Sunday in the pouring down rain got 274 pontiled sodas 48 stoneware bottles and 15 other assorted pontiled bottles and some other miscellaneous stuff. It took us 22 hours to dig and fill in the pit so we finished up about 4:30am and decided to just take all...
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    Pie Plates.....

    Coggled Edge Plates, American and English, Circa 1750-1850 Chris
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    Baltimore color

    I thought I'd post a little Baltimore Glass works Color for everyone to enjoy today. This group consists of 3 piece mold iron pontiled whiskeys and porters. All blown at a Baltimore area glass house during the 1840s-50s.
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    Chapmans Ginger Beer

    Just wondering if anyone here knows where this bottle may be from? I've spent days researching it to no avail. I was hoping perhaps someone else might have better luck. Chris
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    3 piece mold whiskeys

    Here is a grouping of three piece mold iron pontiled whiskeys all blown in the same mold. These were probably blown at a Baltimore glass house in the late 1840s early 1850s. The deep puce amethyst example is a recent addition to the group. Chris
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    Bottles forsale on ebay

    Even though I totally hate ebay with a passion I need some cash quickly so I listed a group of nice bottles tonight. All starting at $5.00 with no reserve. Good luck to anyone who bids. Baltimorebottles ebay auctions Chris
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    Pontiled Baltimore Cathederal Pickle

    Picked up this 6 sided Wm. Bodmann Baltimore Cathedral pickle Thursday. I have been wanting one of these for quite awhile. Chris
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    A couple recent pickups.

    I recently picked up this London Medicated Health Restorer S.A. Foutz Baltimore Md. in a nice peachy topaz color. And this super crude yellow pontiled umbrella. Chris
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    A blue eagle kind of day.....

    Found this great blue eagle soda yesterday in a small rectangular wood lined privy dating to the late 1840s early 1850s. Likely blown in Baltimore it has the same top found on several different Baltimore ten pin sodas. Chris
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    A bit of a crier from this weekends privy digging....

    Dark shaded amber GI-119 Columbia / Eagle flask from this Sundays privy. The 2nd one in this color I have dug broken and a 4th broken example for my digging partner If only they hadn't dipped this privy and packed the layer down with bricks... There were also about a half dozen pontiled sodas in...
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    Summer bottle sale......

    Hello everyone here is a list of bottles I currently have for sale. As always feel free to return any bottle you buy from me if you are not happy for a full refund. Chris Embossed on sides SANFORD'S - RADICAL CURE embossed on the base WEEKS & POTTER / BOSTON / U.S.A., Cobalt Blue, Early...
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    Interesting pontiled med from todays privy dig

    Here is a pontiled medicine we dug from a small woodliner today in Baltimore its looks to be English rather then American. Has anyone ever seen this one before? Thanks Chris
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    A few bottles for sale

    Hello everyone here is a list of bottles I currently have for sale. As always feel free to return any bottle you buy from me if you are not happy for a full refund. Chris Embossed SWAIM'S - PANACEA - PHILADa, Aqua, Smooth Base, 8â€H x 3 1/2â€W, BIM, Applied Double Taper Lip, American...
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    A couple recent ceramic reconstructions.

    Here is a molded redware tea pot circa 1810-20 Most people would expect this to be an English made piece but I have found much more evidence that earthenware molded tea pots were being produced in most major east cost cities by the early 19th century this example has a very atypical light brown...
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    Yellow Baltimore porter.....

    Here are 3 quart size 3 piece mold Baltimore porters. All are iron pontiled and in strikingly different colors. The yellow one on the left is a new addition I just picked up as part of a trade. All were blown in the same mold. Chris
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    Got out for an after noon dig

    Met up with Phil today to try and dig a pit we had found a couple weeks ago but got tied up with other more urgent pits to dig. We the pit was an oval brickliner shared with the house next door. it was about 7 feet deep and had a couple feet of 1840s layer in the bottom. the first bottle out was...
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    Shards from Wednesdays privy 1790s-1830s Looks like some cool things will be going back together from this pit. Chris

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