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    Anyone going to Tulsa bottle show 7-7-12?

    Just wondering who might be going to the Tulsa Bottle show coming up. Also wondering what you might have you plan to sell. Im not like alot of the guys there im not looking for the rare expensive stuff. Just stuff i like or can buy right for resale.
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    6-15-12 Dig in Texas

    I had some one contact me that knew I was looking for old dump sites. We talked a bit on the phone and decided it was worth me going out to look at. First look didn’t look great very little glass on top none of it purple. He showed me some stuff he dug off the top without really digging. So I...
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    Pdf program questions

    Im looking for a pdf program that i can edit with. I have been collecting pdf files that have to do with our hobby for awhile now. I would like to be able to edit some so i can delete blank pages or pages that i feel i don't need from old books and such. I would also Like to pull out certain...
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    Official Logo? Website questions

    So is there an official Logo for this site? I remember years ago i bought a shirt from site that had some people in a hot air ballon. I know this is a forum site But would like to see the place a little more upbeat than just the blue screen all the time. Dont get me wrong i love this site...
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    Glass Casket

    Found this while surfing web thought pretty interesting. i have pdf of the file if anyone is interested in it.
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    Healy & Bigelow Indian head dress

    Here is one i aquired that i have no knowledge of. So if anyone knows anything about it such as what it held or value id appreciate your input. Has Healy & Bigelow on one side and indian sagwa. on the other. its about 10" talll looks to be a hinge mold. im guessing 1890's but you will know...
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    Flasherr's bottles

    I thought id share some of my collection. I have hundreds but live in a small apartment for now so unable to enjoy my collection but i still keep buying. These are just ones i had on shelves and not my best bottles but it makes me think its time to rotate bottles out. Im still a quantity...
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    KELLERSTRASS Distilling Co RYE Shot Glass

    Wasnt a very productive day for finding items at garage sales or the flea market while visiting my Parents. i did come across this KELLERSTRASS Distilling Co RYE shot glass. It feels older to me but the walls are very thin compared to other shot glasses i have bought and sold over the years...
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    Druggist pharmacy bottle question.

    I know this is going to be a hard question to give an exact answer to, but i will ask anyways. What should a pharmacy drug store bottle with a drug store and town name be worth in the minimum range? i know it depends on town size age of bottle so many factors dictate a value. but we will just...
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    Cheerio Dr pepper seltzer bottle refillable?

    Here is another great bottle i was able to trade for and ad to my collection. If anyone knows anything about it or value it would be appreciated. Also is there anyway to refill seltzer bottles for display?
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    Great finds in Texas King of beverages Dr pepper and more

    Wow what a great day i had Saturday i went to walk a dump i dig but couldn't get across creek due to large amounts of rain past couple weeks. The first bottle i Bought was a Dr Pepper thief reproduction bottle but still a great find. Next i went to a antique shop that i had bought some bottles...
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    Frame Drug store Ardmore Ok

    I don't know anything about this bottle. It maybe rare it may be common. A person i am trying to gain permission to dig from told me this was a relative of there's. I thought maybe if i could find one or labels anything to do with the drugstore might help me change his NO to a maybe or even a...
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    Privy seed layer

    I have not ever dug a privy but have read alot on subject and loving seeing the stories you guys post. i have been wondering has anyone ever tried to plant and grow seeds from the seed layer? If so what were the results. I know alot of types of plants and food sources have disappeared through...
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    Ardmore Ok Sanborn maps got any?

    i have access to Texas sanborn maps but need to find some for Ardmore Oklahoma does anyone happen to have any of them?
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    A few bought finds for weekend

    Some bottles i have picked up this weekend. Straight sidded Coca cola Ft worth Texas, Checota It hutch but unfortunatley broken but i didnt have any IT bottles. Camphor pharmacy bottle?
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    favorite book or resource

    I thought i would post the question. What is your favorite book or resource for information about the bottles you collect. i use the following Rick Sweeney's ACL book - the one sodapopbob was selling American antique medicine bottles 2006 by Matt Knap i believe still an active member of...
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    Shakers and screens for digging

    i would like to see pictures and plans of what people use for screening dirt from digs if they do. I have been wanting to build on but haven't come up with an idea that i really like. i know its a simple thing to build but i would like to learn a little something form The more experienced...
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    Sanborn Maps or Maps of interest

    I looked and doesn't seem anyone has posted anything about this in awhile. I'm mostly interested in Texas Arkansas and Oklahoma maps. I would also love to have any maps of other places just to have for future reference. i know i can go and download the Texas maps one at a time for free through...
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    Wanted paper labels

    Im looking for paper labels and would like to buy in quantity at a descent price. Looking for catsup, ketchup, bromo seltzer, soda labels, drugstore labels, ect.. basically anything i can put on plain bottles to jazz them up some. Not looking for rare or high dollar. Im always looking to ad to...
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    Paper labels Wanted

    Wasn't sure where to post this. But this looked as god as any. I'm looking for paper labels to put on some of my common bottles. I have been looking for ponds, vicks, bromo seltzer, or any other labels that go on milk glass jars and blue bottles, I have a bunch of these plain bottles and want...

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