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    New Nevada Bottles

    Picked up some bottles recently, the Bain and Pioneer Soda Works were given to me.
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    J.T. Sherrer

    Hi everyone, I found this bottle a while back and can't find any information or any prices. I know it was made by Pacific Coast Glass Works and it dates in the 1900's. Any more info would be helpful.
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    Museum Bottles

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on much lately but today in a Fallon museum I went to with my grandma they had some cool bottles I though I would share. They had a Bodie bottle, some civil war flasks, some figural bitters, ect.
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    Magnus, Nevada

    On Wednesday of last week my dad and I went up to an old stop for miners. They used Magnus as a pit stop to cross Walker Lake or as a place to rest. We get out their on our atv's and go to the town. Nothing there that wasn't broken or destroyed, so we walked across the railroad and found a lot...
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    Pioneer Drug Store

    Hi everyone I have a couple duplicates of a pioneer drug store bottles that someone is interested in. I was wondering if anyone could help me put a fair price on these.Thanks,John
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    Nevada Bottle If anyone is interested.
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    My first ebay listing

    Here is my first ebay listing Any feedback is wanted.Thanks,John
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    Expensive Nevada bottle Highest crown top soda I have seen from Nevada.
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    Anheuser Busch

    Has anyone seen a bottle like this?
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    Nevada Acl Big Chief

    Found this on ebay, never seen this one before. Is the price just this high because it is from Ely, Nevada?
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    Ghost towns

    I thought this was interesting, Lake Mead for me is the coolest because it is in Nevada.
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    Some Nevada found insulators

    On our way to Fallon, Nevada we passed the Carson Colorado railroad. Right as we passed I saw some insulators, so I made my mom stop for 30 minutes. Some were up on the telephone poles and some were laying on the ground. It was an experience climbing a pole without a ladder (I only climbed one...
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    Territorial Bottle

    Hey everyone I picked up this Washington territory bottle at the Reno bottle show. Does anyone know anything on it?
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    Reno Bottle Show Finds

    I got these for a steal at the Reno Bottle show. The best are probably the "Best by the dam" and the Delaware punch from Las Vegas, Nevada.
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    Michigan Hutch

    I was going through my bottles today to prepare for the Reno show. And I found this, a Detroit Michigan Hutch. If anyone is interested let me know.Thanks,John
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    Reno bottle show

    Hi everyone, I am going to the Reno, Nevada bottle show on Friday. Are there any bottles that anyone would like me to look for?
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    Bought 81 Nevada bottles and 2 Bodie California

    Hi everyone, I had a good day yesterday I bought this ebay lot I also bought 81 rare Nevada Medicine bottles, there is one in their that only 2 are known as...
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    Wanted: Lucky Strike

    Hi everyone I learned today that my great-great Grandma and Grandpa owned The Lucky Strike Bar in Goldfield, Nevada. They owned this bar until the prohibition law of no alcohol (I think the date was 1906). A big fire destroyed most of the buildings in 1915, so they left to go to Fallon. If...
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    Too Cheap?

    Hi, there are some bottles that I am interested in here. Is the price too cheap?;hash=item20fd136921
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    Does anyone know anything about this bottle? All information is appreciated, thanks.

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