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    Reno Bottle Show

    Anyone on here going to the Reno bottle show this weekend? I'm going to try and make it. It's been 3 years since I went to it. ~Mike
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    Marble Book

    What is the best book that would be available from Amazon, or B&N, that would give age and info on marbles as well as value? TIA. ~Mike
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    Flea Market Find

    Anyone see this story on Yahoo news this morning? Why can't I ever find anything like this. [:(]
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    Fidelity Oil

    I picked up this bottle a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was a whiskey at first, but it says "Fidelity Oil, The Moran Co., S.F." I haven't done any investigative research yet. I figured I'd post it here first, and let the experts chime in. [:D] ~Mike
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    Yard Art??

    I have the opportunity to "rescue" this outhouse. I thought I would put it in my backyard as yard art. My only issue with it is that it's so large. I've never seen one that deep before, let alone with an add on. I'm not sure what that was for. Maybe firewood? Anyone that used the outhouse could...
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    Digger Dave eBay Store

    I was on eBay today, and came across this person's store. I'm still a novice in this whole bottle collecting addiction. I'll never know a fraction of the knowledge some of you have, but is it me, or do all his "amethyst purple" bottles looked "nuked?" I'm not saying he nuked them, I'm just...
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    2nd Annual ABN Calendar

    Hey all, I wasn't going to be involved in the 2nd Annual ABN Calendar this year because it's been so busy at work this year. But I hate to see the 1st Annual ABN Calendar be the last, so I'm in if there's any interest. If you all are interested in doing this again, let me know. I'll post the...
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    Happy Birthday Red Matthews!!!

    Happy Birthday, Red!! Hope you have a fantastic day!! [:D] ~Mike
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    Happy Birthday Wheelah23

    Maybe I missed it, and sorry if this is a repost, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR!!! And congrats on the cover pic and story in the May issue of the Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine. ~Mike
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    Should I Order More 2012 ABN Calendars??

    I've had several people contact me about purchasing a calendar. Unfortunately, they're all gone. [:(] Should I place another order? Assuming we could get the same price, they would be $14.99, including the shipping. If you're interested, contact me at [:)] ~Mike
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    Antique Store Find

    I picked up this bottle recently at my local antique store. I don't know anything about it, but I loved it for it's uniqueness, and it's wonderfully intricate stopper. It's about 8" tall. [:)] ~Mike
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    The Calendars Are Here!!

    Well everyone, the calendars arrived today, and I must say for a bunch of amateurs, they came out great. Here's a sneak preview of the cover. I'll get some envelopes over the weekend, and start mailing them out next week. I've already received some of your checks and money orders. Thanks to all...
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    The Calendars Are Ordered

    Well, I ordered the calendars yesterday. It'll take approximately a week. At this time I would like to give a special thank you to Stephen, Poison_Us, for all his help in resizing some of the pics. I don't think there's any way I could have figured out how to do that. Also, I contacted...
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    Expensive Insulator

    This is one expensive insulator. Why can't I find a couple of these, instead of Hemingray 40 and 42's? [:(] ~Mike
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    I don't see any reason why we can't start the voting for the 2012 calendar tonight. I'll be gone Saturday and Sunday. Here's the link to the photo album once again. Vote for your favorite 12 by posting the name and the...
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    Happy Birthday Angelpeace!!

    Happy Birthday, Nina. Hope you have a fantastic day!! [:D] ~Mike
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    2012 ABN Calendar Photos

    Here's the link to the photo album with everyone's pics in it. Hopefully it works. Before we start any voting, would everyone that submitted photos, please check and make sure I got them right. I was cross-eyed...
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    Happy Birthday woodswalker!!

    Happy Birthday, Amanda!! I know you're not on here much anymore, but I hope you have a terrific day!! [:D] ~Mike
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    D. B. Cooper

    It was this day back in 1971 that D. B. Cooper hijacked a plane from Portland to Seattle and parachuted out with $200,000 that he extorted from the airline. His body was never recovered, though some of the money was. Do any of you remember this story? I remember it vividly. Did he...
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    2012 Calendar (Part II)

    I decided to start another thread on this subject because the other one sort of got hijacked by Jason Alexander. I'm really serious about doing a bottle calendar for 2012 with photos from all of you. So much so, that I'm willing to front the money. It looks as though they can be made for $7.99...

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