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    White House bottle collecting

    A while back I asked about White House vinegar collecting. There was not much interest. I understand it not being a big topic on here. I love it. I was always searching for a place on the internet to talk and share. Not much out there. Really nothing out there. So I created a group on...
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    White House

    By the looks of everything, this site is mostly about old bottles and digging. I fully understand and think these old bottles are very cool. I am a White House collector myself. I am looking for other collectors who love these like I do. I have exhausted all options of finding any stuff I don't...
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    New Here. White House collector.

    Hello folks. I am new here. I am looking for fellow White House collectors. Always looking for what I might not have. Always in the market for old label stuff. Let's talk White House.
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    White House VNIEGAR jar (Mispelled)

    New to the forum. I am a White House collector. Here is a pic of my prize possession.

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