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  1. J

    Not a bottle, but some nice glass

    The sun was still (somewhat) out when I got home from work yesterday. This is the window in my stairway landing. It looks sweet as the sun begins to set and the light is coming right through it. I caught it at just the right time. This window is original to my house, which was built around 1896...
  2. J

    That's gonna leave a mark...

    Isn't it great when you do something so ridiculously stupid that you just have to laugh at yourself? That would be me today. I occasionally buy junk vehicles at my shop for parts and scrap salvage. The one I'm dismantling now is an Olds 88 sedan. Big ol' ugly thing. I noticed that this beast had...
  3. J

    Central PA Soda that just missed the pontil

    Here is a tough early soda from near my area. Every other one of these I have ever seen or heard of has been pontiled, so I was surprised when this one arrived with an early key-mold smooth base. No complaints here, it's a hard bottle to find and I still got a helluva good deal, pontil or no...
  4. J

    Killer Cryer Pontiled Cologne/Perfume

    What a rotten shame for this one. I've never seen this form before, but I like it. Check out the jagged pontil (and the huge crack [:(])
  5. J

    Oil Change Gone Bad...

    I decided to take care of the "routine" task of changing the oil in my truck today. Being a mechanic by trade, this is usually no big deal. In fact, I have been pretty proud of the fact that I can change the oil in the big diesel pickups "without spilling a drop". Well, my bragging came back to...
  6. J

    Happy Birthday Tigue710 and CWBookAuthor

    Happy birthday to Matt (Tigue710) and Mike (CWBookAuthor). Enjoy your day, fellows [:)] ~Jim
  7. J

    Rare PA Coal Region Porter for Trade or Sale

    Here is a Civil War-era porter bottle from the Pennsylvania Coal Region that I would be willing to trade or maybe sell. Embossed in a rectangular slug plate, JACOB PABST/ PATTERSON, PA. 7" tall with double-collar applied lip, early smooth base. I searched for one of these for a long time, as...
  8. J

    Patterson, PA Porter

    I just picked up this little beauty from a fellow forum member. This bottle has been on my want list ever since I found out that it existed. This is a JACOB PABST/ PATTERSON, Pa porter, c. 1870s. Patterson, PA no longer exists, as it became the borough of Mifflin in 1900. It is located about 10...
  9. J

    Another green Lewistown soda

    This is my first significant post in a while, and also my first significant bottle purchase in a while. I finally got all of my house remodeling/restoration done. Meanwhile, the house I wanted to buy is now off the market [:@] So, I guess I'll enjoy the fruits of my labor (and $$$) for a while...
  10. J

    Taking a break for now

    I just want to let everyone know that I probably won't be around on the forum much for a while. Nothing bad is going on, it's actually good. I have been working on renovating my house to get it ready for sale, and I'm planning to buy another house. Between being extremely busy at work and...
  11. J

    Iron Pontil Brown Stout

    Here is a sweet little iron pontiled porter that I just purchased from one of our fine forum colleagues. 1850s double-collar BROWN STOUT with blank rectangular slug on the front. The color is killer, I just love it. The mold is very similar to that of the Jacob Schuster Brown Stout from...
  12. J

    11/26/11 Privy Dig

    Rob and I dug a 12-foot stone-lined privy today. The house was 1870s, but the pit had been cleaned out and filled with newer junk in the 30s-40s era [:'(]. It was nothing but ash, rocks and throwaway junk to the bottom, with one exception. One good local milk bottle saved the day from being a...
  13. J

    Another Local Iron Pontil Soda

    I picked up another iron pontil local soda today! For those who may be interested, I have a very detailed post about these bottles in the Pontils Only section, but I'll share a picture or two here since it is new to my collection. ~Jim SOULT & ZERBE/ LEWISTOWN/ Pa, 7", light green, iron...
  14. J

    New Iron Pontil Soda

    I just picked up another iron pontil Soult & Zerbe Lewistown soda! This one is a bit different from my other one. Here is the new one:
  15. J

    Pontiled E T Miller York PA

    Here is another nice bottle that is seeking a new home to help me further my local collection. E.T. MILLER// DRUGGIST// YORK, PA, 5 1/8", aqua, applied tapered lip, open pontil scar. Condition is dug with no damage. Light overall haze, but no heavy etching. Price is $110, with $100 to me and $10...
  16. J

    True Citron Hutch

    In the coming weeks, I am going to be cutting loose some nice, non-local bottles from my collection. I have a few really good locals lined up to buy, so these guys need to find new homes to replenish the "buy stash". My first offering is this "maverick" hutch in true citron green. This bottle...
  17. J

    Wanted Lewistown, Burnham, Patterson, PA

    I am always seeking any of the following bottles for my collection: - Pre-1930 soda and beer bottles from Lewistown, PA. Pony, tall blob, hutch, early crown.. You name it, I want it [:)] - Any embossed Lewistown, PA medicine/druggist bottles or dose cups. - Any embossed bottles from...
  18. J

    IP Lewistown Soda

    Here is the only known type of pontiled bottle from Lewistown, PA. I've posted this one before, of course, but it was happy to hear about the new Pontils Only section and didn't want to be left out. SOULT & ZERBE/ LEWISTOWN/ Pa. George W. Soult (1822-1882) and Henry Zerbe (1816-1876)...
  19. J

    Some New Lewistown Goodies

    It's been a while since I posted any new additions to my collection. Here are a few that I have acquired recently. First is a large (10") Lewistown Bottling Works tooled crown beer in amber. This is Lewistown's only amber bottle, and I have only ever seen two of them. The color is great, it's a...
  20. J

    10-8-11 Privy Dig

    Rob and I dug a small privy this past weekend. The pit was only three feet deep, and unfortunately did not have much in it. There was one old aqua slicker bottle, a glass button, some really nice dishware shards and an oddball item that I will post a picture of soon. I have a few pics of the dig...

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