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  1. dygger60

    WTS 4 Different midget pint Mason jars

    I have up for sale 4 different midget mason jars....all are in great shape. No cracks, no bruises no staining...all have correct lids except for the Keystone has a CFJCo cap.....the Keystone midget lids are too expensive and hard to find. The improved closure band has a couple...
  2. dygger60

    Mason's CFJ Co Improved Butter Jar

    Here is a pretty cool jar I came across...a bit tough to find them with clear glass....
  3. dygger60

    Early jars

    I LOVE the early years of fruit jars....lots to is a great example....EXCELSIOR. Got this a couple weeks ago.... ....original insert and screw band
  4. dygger60

    Here is a couple of scarce jars....

    Here is a set of unique jars with a mysterious history. These jars were dug at the glass house in Wheeling, West Virginia....and to date, no complete examples exist..I have talked to a couple people and they confirmed what the person I got them from said....ALL known example of this jar are...
  5. dygger60

    Pontiled pint I picked up last week....very happy

    You do not see these often, pint size jars are very scarce for this circa....
  6. dygger60

    WTS Civil War era quart size flask for sale....

    I have a nice aqua quart size flask for cracks or bruises to speak of...LF & Co below UNION and clasped hands...on the reverse is Eagle with banner on shield above PITTSBURG, PA..very nice flask... free shipping and insurance..asking $125.00
  7. dygger60

    Got last week....

    Came across this beauty last week. Saw the ad offering this jar for sale...didn't see a size listed but saw it had a bare iron i bought it and turns out the fellow that owns it lives right down the he delivered it...imagine my surprise when he showed up and pulls out a pint...
  8. dygger60

    Jar Show yesterday in Albany, New York....

    Just a couple of pics from the Albany Bottle Show....LOTS of jars to be had...some very nice ones to boot!! Here is a couple pictures,....
  9. dygger60

    WTS/WTT Hard to find BB WILCOX blue lid in excellent condition

    Here is a tough one....usually find these damaged on the fin....this is a great example....and nice color....asking $45 shipped....would consider a trade for a nice Mason's hg jar...
  10. dygger60

    WTS/WTT Hard to find "STAR" glass insert for HERO IMPROVED tin lid....

    I have a "STAR" variation glass liner for the HERO IMPROVED lid for sale....NO CHIPS, CRACKS or BRUISES....PROBLEM FREE....Asking $55 shipped, or will consider trade for Mason's Patent hg jar....
  11. dygger60

    WTS/WTT Very hard to find glass lid for HARTELL jar.....

    I have HARTELL lid from 1858 for sale...price is $65 shipped....problem free and nice even color...lugs inside lid intact...or will consider trade for nice Masons Patent jar hg size.....
  12. dygger60

    Eagle Brand sun colored half pint

    Came across this last week and was wondering it date....I don't usually collect milks. More of a fruit jar person...but could not pass up a 1/2 pint...LOL
  13. dygger60

    Eagle sun colored half pint milk

    Came across this the other day and was seeing if anyone knew a bit about it...Thanks much in advance!
  14. dygger60

    Is this braille on this bottle or a makers mistake...

    I was told by the seller that it was braille writing...first I have seen if it is...I know it is one of those "Swamp Root Cures".... beautiful green though!
  15. dygger60

    Harder to find vintage jars for sale....

    Jars General discussion:
  16. dygger60

    Harder to find vintage jars for sale....

    Well, it has come down to it. I have some of my jars up for sale. Most don't know it but I am a disabled vet... I broke my back while serving in the Army. The lower part of my back was fused to repair the break, this was in 1988. Over theyears it has gotten worst to where I can not work...
  17. dygger60

    Still life in them old jars!

    Was doing some canning today and decided to do a pickling recipe that has been in my family for well[/b]over a 125 years now. Cauliflower, Bell peppers, Onions and green tomatoes...all of us kids called it Grandpa' Mix[/b][/b]back in the days. Always a holiday favorite many years back when...
  18. dygger60

    Favorite jar for September 2014

    Ok, here is my selection for September jar. I have always liked the #1501 style Lightning jars. Lots of great embossing, and esp. the stubby half gallon. I was also able to get the #1502 hg as well. I have never seen the taller skinny half gallon in the cornflower bluelike one sees the...
  19. dygger60

    Question concerning an early machine BALLL hg.

    I have had this jar for a few months and need some input on it. It is the HG in the middle of the picture. I put it in between two clear jars to show it better. Would this jar be considered a light amber? Or maybe some kind of contamination in the batch? It is an early machine made...
  20. dygger60

    Jar cleaning

    Does any one know someone that does, or do jar tumbling? I have a very old half gallon that is in need of tumbling. PM with price. Thanks much David

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