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  1. Leep1660

    War of 1812 era plates, cups, bottles display

    I'm putting together glass, stoneware and China display on the era of the war of 1812. The plates include Spode, meigh, Samuel duncombe, worchester. cups/bottles include: delft style pitcher marked 1805, London mustard bottle C. 1800, black glass mallet bottle 1790, ovoid saltglaze jug c. 1790...
  2. Leep1660

    The confusion on Locating the Location of Soda branch Bottling company Bottles

    I find it abit confusing on locating some vintage branched Bottlers Bottles from towns/ cities, not the Bottle Glass makers or main factory. Now might seem Confusing but Soda bottles bottled in the city/town had it labelled where its from but sometimes these large companies had branches to other...
  3. Leep1660

    Toronto Bottles Display (1860-1920) & Stoneware (1830-1910)

    The Bottom half of my bottle display (top half of the shelf is the "Simcoe county Bottles Post" ). Hutches, Crown Tops, Bowling Pin, Torpedos, Medicine, etc. (1860-1920)
  4. Leep1660

    Hortons Orange Dip Soda Chatham/Walkerville Unknown info?

    A friend of mine acquired a dozen Horton Orange Dip Bottles from Chatham/walkerville. He has been collecting bottles long than me (30 years plus) and hasn’t heard of them and can’t get any information on them other than a flat Bottle cap with the company logo on not made yet into...
  5. Leep1660

    Digging up ACL bottles Problem, Expiring Labels

    I'm posting this just because I've noticed with digging in bottle dumps in ontario for 15 years or so I've noticed that most of the ACL bottle labels I've found the ground I say the past 2 years are faded or wipe of barely recognizable across most the dumps where I found bottles. When I started...
  6. Leep1660

    My Simcoe County Bottle & Vintage Memorabilia Collection

    My collection contains Antique bottles and memorabilia from Simcoe County (1870's - 1960's) including the Towns/Cities of Orillia, Barrie, Midland, Penetanguishene, Collingwood, Victoria Harbour, Stayner, Wyevale,Wasaga Beach, Elmvale, Hillsdale, Perkinsfield, Coldwater and Minesing. Companies...

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