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    Danger Keep out vs No tresspassing

    I just have to explore this very old house and property which are under construction , the dilemma is by the time I get home from work no one around to talk to about checking out the property. As pictured they do not have no trespassing signs just danger keep out are they just trying to cover...
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    any walking dead fans

    Gotta admit, I watched a few episodes over a year ago wasn't impressed cutting up zombies got kinda boring until I understood the story line thanks to my daughter who talked me into watching every episode with her from the beginning over a few months period.Now I am hooked........and we can't...
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    found my first torpedo in the river

    First torpedo and a common cabots med,thinking late 1800,s on the torpedo,only makings small. 3* on bottom
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    Cloverfield from PA

    Will have pics soon came across a case of cloverfield soda bottles today. The wooden crate is from cloverfield bottling co PA..Some embossed but all missing the labels all have wire closures not thinking much of the bottles but the crate is nice any info on this company
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    new warwick club sign

    This should be mine in a day or two to go with all my other Warwick club items ,this 2'x7' sign will clean up great...any estimates on value I am thinking $100 would be a safe purchase price for me
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    long winter up here in new england no digging,store and ebay finds

    Thought I would share some of my winter Rhode Island soda bottle finds,some I have already ,but bought doubles ect because the price was right,the south county and spike it are hard ones thatI have wanted for a while, the Salt and pepper shakers acls are not RI bottles
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    get your Shovels ready..unfortunately not for bottle digging

    Get ready New England....break out you shovels ...Here In RI up to 3 feet expected
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    a few more RI finds

    Found another Geneva springs aqua bottle today ,to go along with the clear glass one I found last year in the river, only two I have seen or owned from North Providence so far. Also a American bottling and Levin bros Providence blob bottles, that I already have but not with the original...
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    gotta love this one.....stupid or brilliant?

    had a good laugh with this one
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    old satellite images

    Someone posted a link to a site where you could view old satellite images . I found this very useful but my computer recently crashed(few months ago) and I lost the link. It would be appreciated if the link could be reposted. Great tool for finding spots to dig.Thank YouSteve
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    only two from todays show

    picked up a green glass ochee and an empire from Bristol embossed at todays show In Mass. A lot of nice high end bottles out of my price range for a lot of them but I am happy with these two,been looking for the Ochee for a long timeACL pickings seemed slim
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    added a Ochee Quart and crate to My RI collection

    first Ochee Quart I have been able to get my hands on for my RI collection.
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    more recent river rescues cleaned up

    one J. & G. Mackinnon & co liqueur bottle Glasgow Scotland, a Johann Hoff both green glass, narragansett beverage company providence, nu icy from cambridge , ochme, esmond bottling works and a purity bottle...noting spectacular but hey the price is right[attachment=river bot clean.JPG]
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    Stumbled across these twin acl"s ??

    found this interesting.(maybe only to me) but they must of been same company at some time
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    Just a reminder Poison ivy cautions.

    Just a reminder I haven't had poison ivy in years, just got it over the weekend . Got me pretty good thought I was covered up really good but I am loaded on my forearms and wrist...I should of known better area was too close to heavy concentrations of ivy.was gonna post a pic but its kinda...
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    more from the river

    some of todays finds, all will be soaking except for the acl [attachment=001.JPG]
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    I normally leave jars behind, Am I making a mistake?

    I come across a lot of jars and food bottles in my river hunts for old embossed soda bottles. pictured are a couple I decided to keep from Wednesdays search. I would normally not keep any jars, should I be.? I believe one Pictured to be an olive bottle, the ez seal seems pretty old, the jar is...
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    just put this up on ebay, thinking I should of held on to it

    found this pontil embossed on 3 panels UDOLPHO WOLFE's" "AROMATIC SCHNAPPS" "SCHIEDAM. $25.00 bid already with 6 days to go and a lot of watchers, thinking I should of held onto this one[attachment=004.JPG]
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    if you sell/ship bottles free shipping tubes available

    Just received 20 free shipping tubes from They come about 3' long flat and fold into triangles and can easily be cut down to sizes you need. Best part is they are free. Just thought I would let everyone know
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    A few finds from the river and a short story to go with it

    some river finds today, went out early this am with the kayak b/4 work.a broken 1 pint 10 oz united mineral water company . will recycle it. A nice L H Meyer company blob from Providence RI should clean up nice. Two dairy bottle small, one Valley farms, and one Remington All Star embossed...

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