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    Attn. Kelley ( gunsmoke )

    Something that might interest you .
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    Just a heads up

    There is a Seaworth Bitters listed on ebay , and the picture in the listing was stolen from Reggie Lynch's website. I just wanted to let any bidders here know about...
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    ebay auctions

    Has anybody sold a bottle on ebay and had it returned to them ? What do you do when it is as described .... but the buyer has buyers remorse from a bidding war ? Just curious ?
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    Bottle website NEW
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    My Brother will be listing a few bottles up on ebay over the next few days. If anyone thinks they might be interested here's a link
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    Anyone have an info ?

    Here's a bottle I have had for many years. I was wondering if anyone had any info on it that they would share . Thanks It looks like a Black glass Stubby beer/ale . It has DEACON SCOTLAND YARD embossed on the base. I presume it is English in origin ?
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    Goody ACL

    Rare , common , or just junk ? Sorry for the poor quality pic . Thanks
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    Real or Repro ?

    I'm not much on advertising items . But , this looks to be authentic to me in some ways and not in others. Like the paint almost looks to perfect (new ). Any thoughts on whether it is authentic or a repro ...
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    Ebay medicine

    Here's one I haven't seen before ..... Interesting bottle !
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    WOW !!!!

    Heckler Auctions Settting New World Antique Bottle Auction Record! **Our earlier email was a bit premature, as the flask is currently still in callback status. Stay tuned in, we'll keep you updated!** [/align]A New World's record for the highest selling bottle at auction is being set in...
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    pair of ebay BIXBY'S

    I thought these might interest the BIXBY collectors on here.
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    WTB : Cumberland Bitters square

    I'm wanting to buy or trade for a CUMBERLAND BITTERS , KINKADE HANDLY & CO. , NASHVILLE , TENN. Anyone have one for sale or know of one for sale ......... PLEASE drop me a line ! Thanks Also , looking for unusually colored Drake's Plantations !
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    Any Ink Collectors

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on a stoneware ink I have . I have included a pic. It has N.S. INK CO. on it and it has what looks to me to be TAYLOR on the bottom . Sorry for the poor pics . Any help on info would be appreciated. Thanks Brian
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    Looking to buy or trade for a OK / 1840 / PLANTATION . The variant that looks like the S.T. DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS mold .
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    bottle thief charged

    Bottle Thief Charged Gigs up for theft of rare western flask When a rare Ferguson Whiskey flask was stolen last April at the Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society show at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, collectors were left frustrated and dismayed. American Bottle Auctions had...
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    Website value Says this website is worth 209,000.00 and some change .
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    I'm listing a few on ebay

    I'm listing a few bottles on ebay over the next few days if anyone is interested. Thanks
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    WTB : Cumberland Bitters

    I'm wanting to buy or trade for a CUMBERLAND BITTERS , KINKADE HANDLY & CO. , NASHVILLE , TENN. Anyone have one for sale or know of one for sale ......... PLEASE drop me a line ! Thanks
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    Photo gallery

    I was checking out Jeff's Photo gallery , and had to share with those who have not been there. What color variant groupings ....... NICE !
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    ATTN : David Jackson aka Casperwhiskey

    Hey David , I picked this one on ebay ...

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