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    Coal Region Dig

    absolutely gorgeous day for a dig. we dug one in the back corner last weekendthat was basically empty. a few commons and shards dating from 1880's to machinemade.
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    Matuella's Hazleton, Pa

    got a call from a friend who is asking me about a 1/2 pint clear glassmilk from Hazleton. it's embossed " Matuella's Dairy / Hazleton, Pa " sounds like a familiar name to me, but I have little knowledge of milks. any comments please??? Thanks in advance for any help you may offer. Jim
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    Updated Shelf

    I added the stuff I got at the Manville NJ show to my flask shelf. caught the light fairly well this morning. Jim
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    Photos from Manville N.J. Show

    let's see if I have the size right...
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    handled jug

    this one came in the mail the other day. it's in pretty nice condition.very odd finish where the bottom of the handle connects.nice pontil and a beautiful strawberry / dark copper color thatdoesn't show too well in the photos.Jim
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    blues dig article

    pretty cool ! our digging crew made it into the December issue of Antique Bottle & Glass magazine !! Jim
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    Buy now and Save

    i'm hoping this is a listing error.... weather turning a bit cool up here in N.E. Pennsy. good digging weather. Jim
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    double eagle

    got the double eagle 1/2 pint on the right in trade for tumbling some sodasfor a friend. tried to catch the late afternoon sunlight today... Jim
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    We dug a couple Jars

    I'm trying to get some info on these jars we dug last weekend. they are both quarts. the GEM with the iron cross above it is in perfect shape as is the unembossed bottle. the unembossed one has a couple indentations opposite each other under the lip. i'massuming these " pockets " have something...
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    Catasauqua Blob top

    We dug this last week up here in Carbon County.I'm from Catasauqua originally and have done my share of digging there.I don't recall seeing this one before and don't see any history of it online.any of you Pennsylvania diggers ever seen one of these? it's embossed " Catasauqua Brewery " ( in a...
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    Carbon County Shale Pits

    dug a few pits yesterday in search of the elusive colored soda hole ...every pit had a nasty shale layer.
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    " lucky frog ? "

    dug this yesterday in an 80's pit. 3 1/8" tall, clear glass, and has a frog on a plant surrounded by a horshoeon one side and just a horshoe with a bland label space on the other side. wierd hole.had three different perfumes that none of the diggers had seen before, this being the neatestlooking...
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    an oddball

    this one came out of an 1890's pit last week. any ideas on what the heck it was/is ?
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    Milk Bowl

    snowy day here in N.E. Pennsy... i'm coming down with a case of " Pontilitis ". outbreaks of this rare virus usually occur here in the Northeast during the winter months when probes and shovels are stored away awaiting the grounds spring thaw... this is a milk bowl from the early 1800's i...
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    Manville show pickups

    thanks to all who made our trip to the New Jersey Antique Bottle Clubs show an enjoyable experience. i did my part to stimulate the local bottle economy...
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    Jersey show Pics

    The folks running the show had two super displays set up. i took some photos to share.
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    Lyon's Powder

    finally got around to cleaning this one we dug last fall. has a little bit of scratching under the embossing but came out nice base is hinge mold
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    Jersey Bottle Club Show

    our digging crew is planning a road trip next Sunday down to Manville N.J. for the Feb.2nd bottle show. i've never been to this particular show and i understand it's going to be at a new location. I made plans to see Epackage down there. anyone else planning on attending ??
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    An " undisclosed " location

    yes, it's true
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    some stuff i dug online i am selling off some of the stuff i dug and bought. more to follow, jim

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