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    Antique bottle fitted into a small metal box (? related to tobacco ?)

    Ink well, the glass top would of had a cork or rubber ring to seal the bottle.
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    Best way to find bottles that were dumped in a deep, muddy river?

    Yes there are bottles there, will you be able to get them, probably not. Bottle from the era you're talking about were pretty heavy and sank rapidly. I doubt they've moved much but if one did happen to roll a few miles down river I'm not sure it would be worth finding.
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    One more black door knob today

    Glazed clay.
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    Early Abandoned House with antiques inside!

    I was thinking the same thing Leon. Unless it's now state or county property someone is paying taxes on it....
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    Champagne bottles

    I've always called them "Hock Wine" bottles.
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    First bottle site - over 150 bottle so far!

    Probably a "Milk of Magnesia" bottle
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    Really odd closure on whiskey bottles?

    I believe those were shot pourers on the top that only allowed one shot at a time to come out.
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    What is it

    Fantasy piece/ art deco
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    Dead eye

    I believe he is from the, "take only pictures, leave only bubbles" camp....
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    Dead eye

    I have one too I found in a zero visibility river where few if any divers go, should I of left it? All wrecks in salt water are in a constant state of degradation and in a lifetime will be literally nothing but rust and brass and glass. Storms will then toss that around. People have always...
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    1930s nipple cover for breastfeeding.

    Not for breast feeding, baby bottle nipple cover.
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    1930s nipple cover for breastfeeding.

    Nipple on a baby bottle, not a boob.....
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    found a bunch of 80s paint bottles; 1 still has (yellow) paint!

    And just to be clear you're talking a 1980's dump???? Not sure I'd waste my time on that.
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    found a bunch of 80s paint bottles; 1 still has (yellow) paint!

    The paint bottles are Testers Model Paint, I used those when I was a kid. Worth $0
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    Pontil bottle

    Looks new, like some of the bottles for accent pieces in Pier One. The lip doesn't look quite right, no case wear, etc
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    Whiskey or port cobalt blue stone jug

    Seems to be a little "fanciful" and in very good condition with all that raised work to be very old. But maybe....
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    Sailors Snug Harbor

    Cool finds. I live where SSH relocated in NC. Sadly they just announced they are closing the doors this month.
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    I'm 100% Stumped

    This maybe: Toilet Bowl float...

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