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    Are these 22 insulators worth pursuing?

    One cannot ever have too many insulators. I agree with Jim. If you can get them cheap enough, go for it. ~Mike
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    Ceramic pot

    Incense, perhaps?
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    Reno Bottle Show Finds

    Nice score. The G.A.K. is actually from Winnemucca. ~Mike
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    Reno Bottle Show

    Anyone on here going to the Reno bottle show this weekend? I'm going to try and make it. It's been 3 years since I went to it. ~Mike
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    I need help identifying this Heinz bottle please

    According to the info I have: #25-1880-mid 1900 held sweet sour pickle, cauliflower and mustard pickles. Cork sealed wax dipped. Clear quartz glass.
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    I'm the Winnemucca bottle collector that Leon mentioned. I'm hoping to try and get permission to do some digging in Dayton. If I do, I'll get a hold of you. ~Mike
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    Your Best Heartbreaker

    Re: RE: Your Best Heartbreaker How does one revive a thread from the old "blue pages?" Are the accessible somehow?
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    My new story in Antique Bottles & Glass Collector

    Yeah, that didn't come out right, but you know what I mean Rick. [:)]
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    My new story in Antique Bottles & Glass Collector

    OMG!! I just realized I hadn't read the last paragraph of your story, Rick. It is now officially your best, and creepiest story ever! ~Mike
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    My new story in Antique Bottles & Glass Collector

    That was probably your best story ever, Rick. I loved the creepy things that happened. Also, I think you should dig the old lady's yard next store. If for no other reason than to clean up her yard. I know you're a softee at heart. [:D] ~Mike
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    My new story in Antique Bottles & Glass Collector

    The magazine just came in the mail today, Rick. I look forward to reading another one of your great stories. ~Mike
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    Hurray!!! It's about time!!!

    It hit 60 here yesterday in northern Nevada. I don't think we've had any snow since Christmas eve. We've had rain, but no snow. It's going to be one dry summer. [:(] ~Mike
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    Dug several unusual "Firsts" in 1880-toc privy

    You find the coolest digs, cannfromhann. [:)] ~Mike
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    Antique Bottles & Glass Collector 2014 writers contest. 1st place

    That was a great story, Rick. Congrats! [:)] ~Mike
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    Trip to MidWest

    I'd be interested in a copy also. I too love railroad history.
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    Just cleaned a new load of dug bottles, a little of everything

    I'm single too, Capt'n, but it's usually my kitchen that looks like that. [:D] ~Mike
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    This past month's many finds from the "Roaring '20s Dump", including Silver and Gold!

    I missed this thread. Great finds, Plumby. [:)] ~Mike
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    Just Checkin In.

    Nice to see you on here again, Steve. Hope everything works out for you. Can't wait to see the new acquisition. ~Mike
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    Construction site Find. Some Goodies.

    No kidding, Jimbo. He's on a roll like I wish I could be on. Nice going Leon. [:D] ~Mike
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    My new dig story in AB&GC Nov Issue "Digging with the Bradford boys"

    Can't wait to read it, Rick. Your stories are the best. [:)] ~Mike

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