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    Small oval bottle that stands upside down

    This one is for sale on Craigslist in St. Petersburg, FL. 3
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    St. Petersburg Straight Side Coca-Cola

    There have been a couple that sold on Fleabay lately. Usually bring about $50 in average dug condition.
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    Can someone identify this?

    I assumed that's what it was, but you are the first to confirm it. Thanks!
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    Here is a pic of one similar to the Key West bottle with the Matthews top. I think it's different from but similar to your blob neck bottle. Here is the patent for this bottle.
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    That neck bulge is similar to a D. T. Sweeny bottle from Key West, FL that is embossed on the bottom "Made By / John Matthews N.Y. / Pat / June 11 / 1872." I was trying to find a pic of one to show you but am unable to.
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    Almost cold enough for diving!

    I think the girl looks more like she's doing a curtsy while holding her dress.
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    Vapo-Cresolene Co Aqua poison bottle

    I've seen these bottles in three sizes, this being the largest. My son has the two smaller sizes, but the largest is more difficult to find.
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    2 hutches and slug plates

    That Friedman hutch is marginally common as far as Key West hutches. However, Key West hutches are usually in pretty high demand.
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    Wine or water bottles?

    Looks like the impression on it says Apollinaris in the circular portion. I might be reading it wrong.
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    Late Summer Dig & Greer's Pharmacy

    While there is a Florida Druggists bottle book, few people have ever seen it, and it will never be published again because the purchaser of the copyright wants to keep the existence of some of the bottles a secret.There is also a book of pre-1920 druggists that was compiled and written in the...
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    War of the worlds

    That's some cool sh..stuff!
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    Leadville Colorado Mining Bottles

    I would have guessed aqua regia, a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. Edit: Ignore this... I was thinking assaying for some reason, and not smelting. [8|]
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    Pepsi "Test Bottle"

    I would guess a production bottle from outside the US. Perhaps England?
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    Large collection of antique bottles dug up in my backyard!!

    That's a great haul to find in your yard. I think most of them are too new to be really collectible, though. Dig deeper and see if there is older stuff further down! Keep us informed of whatever else you find.
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    Post-Prohibition Whiskeys

    Well, I passed the information of the interested party on to the broker, who in turn said she would pass it to the owner.By providing a possible buyer it assures that the broker will call me more often when bottles come available. If they are not what I or my neighbor collect, I will continue to...
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    Post-Prohibition Whiskeys

    I'm under the same impressions.
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    Post-Prohibition Whiskeys

    No, as it was presented to me they are the full sized bottles. But I haven't seen them, so the broker might have been wrong. I can call today to verify.
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    Post-Prohibition Whiskeys

    I was approached this afternoon to purchase a collection of 1930s whiskey bottles, unopened, or to determine if I knew of anybody who might be interested.I know there is a niche market for these, but I personally know nobody who collects them.If anybody is interested, please IM me and I can put...
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    Seltzer bottle parts

    I asked about the plastic straws, because the original glass straws varied in length. He said the ones they make work in their bottles and rarely need to be cut, but the plastic is hard and would split if you tried to cut them. I have a few of the glass ones remaining, but am going to see how...
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    Seltzer bottle parts

    Recently got some seltzer bottles and needed some repair parts for them.Found Alex Gomberg of Brooklyn Seltzer Boys (, who says they manufacture the ring collars and straws, and can also provide the rubber seal. Prices were very reasonable at $2 for the rings, $1.50...

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