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    Ebay sale
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    January 19, 2013 – 28th Annual Mississippi Antique Bottle Show

    RE: January 19, 2013 – 28th Annual Mississippi Antique Bottle Show I'll be set up. Won't have anything all that interesting ,just a bunch of common stuff for the most part. I'm hoping to be able to take my time and look around more throughly this year. Last year I spent about 4 hours there...
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    sad day in America

    Alex - That person seems to have a bad case of common sense(gasp). I hope he gets treatment. He might spread it to others,and heaven help us if that happens,we might actually be able to turn this country around for the better. On a more serious note,arming principles and teachers would not...
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    sad day in America

    Folks have got to STOP MAKING EXCUSES for these people. This shooter knew what he was doing,he knew that it was wrong,he had control over his actions,and he chose to murder those kids. They need to stop all these excuses about the mental health system,violent movies,guns etc. I'm sure he had...
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    sad day in America

    You do this Splante.^^^^ I don't want to start an argument here,but I'd like to tell everybody about a school shooting you probably haven't heard about,at least no this part. In 1997 a student at Pearl High School in Pearl,Miss. killed his mother,then went to school with a 30. 30. rifle and...
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    bottles listed on ebay

    Sold this one on ebay for $54.
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    Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral

    Can someone give me a ballpark value on this one? Bought it in a lot for resale and need to know a fair price. Can't seem to find much on it. Measures 5 1/4" tall. Has some stain and a couple very small flakes off the heel. - Thanks
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    Vicksburg,Miss show

    The Vicksburg,Miss bottle show is next Saturday(Aug. 11) at the Battlefield Inn,Its a small show,around 40 tables I believe. Really looking forward to it.
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    I was referring to the fact that in Beijing he usually had a definite lead on other competitors(except the 1/00 second win),in most of the races I've seen this year he won by only a few hundreths of a second. It seems that he didn't swim as many races this year?
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    Anybody been watching them? Was kind of expecting a little more from Michael Phelps. I'd like to have taped some of them but don't have a vcr set up right now,got about 80 hours of Beijing on tape,and still haven't watched the tapes yet[&:]. I think they sell DVDs of the "highlights" though...
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    full BARQ'S with wrong cap??

    #1twin sent you a PM.
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    Clear glass photos

    A milk bottle pic I took today.
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    Rare amber coke
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    $70 for early admission? Thats ridiculous! If early admission is $70 and thats less than the cost of a table,how much are tables?
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    Just a heads up!!

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    Apparantly nobody ever told ebay"If it aint broke don't fix it"
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    Wrote another story--This one is in "Bottles & Extra's"

    $30 for one year subscription. You can see the details over here.

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