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  1. Slowmovangogh

    Odd jar lid identification.

    Hi all, I dug up this odd jar lid the other day and wondered if anyone can identify what it is off of. It is the standard size of a regular mason jar lid but has a square recess in the center, presumably for some kind of sealing apparatus. any info would be appreciated.
  2. Slowmovangogh

    What and When

    I moved north from Florida about 4 years ago and never unpacked everything. I was looking for something in storage yesterday and found my box of bottles. I unpacked and found this one in there. Funny thing is I have absolutely no recollection of when and where I got it. I must have bought it...
  3. Slowmovangogh

    What is it, other than broken?

    I have been digging a turn of the century dump that I got a tip on lately. I have been coming up with mostly blob beers (exactly what I am looking for) towards the bottom. From what I can tell the dump was used from the late 1890s to probably around the 1920s. I was collapsing some of the...
  4. Slowmovangogh

    A few questions for the bottle-nerds out there

    So I have a few questions I wanted to ask the community. I am still relatively new to the hobby and still learning. Soooooo..... First, can someone explain the difference between an applied top and a tooled top? Second, At what point did they start putting "Registered & This bottle not to be...
  5. Slowmovangogh

    Thoughts on tumbling media.

    Hi all, I know that consensus is that cut copper wire is the best media for tumbling bottles but I wanted to see what else people have used and to what success. I have heard that copper BBs are good also. Cutting that much wire is super tedious and I pretty much gave myself carpal tunnel last...
  6. Slowmovangogh

    Tumbling quandary

    So, I finally got my machine up and running. After a few months of trying to figure out how to rig my own stopples and failing, I broke down and purchased a pair of 4" ones from the jar doctor. So far I am happy with the results but I am finding that the bottoms of the bottles are not fully...
  7. Slowmovangogh

    Did I just find what I think I found......... At the Goodwill?

    Can any one confirm for me that this is what I think it is? I was at the Goodwill this morning looking for a picture frame and saw this sitting on a shelf. I am still realatively new to the hobby, but this looks to me like a Black Glass Wine Bottle. There are no apparent seams so I think it is...
  8. Slowmovangogh

    How to clean those metal marks caused by shovel

    Does anyone have a trick for cleaning off those little silver streaks that get left on the glass when you scratch across a bottle with a shovel or other metal tool? Aside from a bottle tumbler.
  9. Slowmovangogh

    Western Union Sign Update

    I spent a little time cleaning up the Western Union Telegrams sign that I dug up last week and thought I would share. I'm sure the condition is considered beyond poor by the collector's standard but it came out better than I expected.
  10. Slowmovangogh

    Just wanted to see what it would have looked like.

    When I dug out what appeared to be all the pieces, I decided it was worth puzzling back together just to see what it would have looked like. In the end it was missing 3 tiny pieces.
  11. Slowmovangogh

    More finds from my 30s dump

    I finished work early yesterday and couldn't help but stop for a dig on my way home. I'm still exploring and trying to find older spots since I have come up with some earlier stuff but the overwhelming majority seems to be from the 1930s. Here are some of the finds from the digging (nothing too...
  12. Slowmovangogh

    Stopped to pick up a six pack.

    The dump I've been digging is on the way home from work. I had an extra hour the other day and had my shovels in the car so I stopped for a quick dig. I very quickly found a pocket of those 1930s sodas I've been pulling. 2 of the 6 shown here turned out to be broken but it made for a nice...
  13. Slowmovangogh

    Is there a better way to cut copper wire?

    So I managed to score a bunch of copper wire while dumpster diving. It's definately not as much as I need but it will get me started. Does anyone know of an efficient, quick way of cutting it up into little bits? I've been doing it with wire cutters (good ones) and it seems like it is going to...
  14. Slowmovangogh

    I was super excited when I found the first one. Now they are just pissing me off! Anyone know how common these Germantown Bottling Works Sodas are?

    I've been continuing to dig my new found dump. I'm still not entirely sure where the boundaries are and I've been trying to poke around to see if any areas seem older than others. I started digging a new spot the other day and started finding these art deco soda bottles. Funny thing is, in that...
  15. Slowmovangogh

    The dump she does provide.

    I'll have to take a few more photos of all the other finds, but the new dump I discovered is providing. It's mostly 30s household jars and other stuff not worth the effort, but every 10th-15th bottle seems to be 1890s-1910s. I've had a few heart breakers but every time I get discouraged, I pull...
  16. Slowmovangogh

    The bottle gods work in mysterious ways.

    So I've been thinking about making a bottle tumbler for a while. I'm too crafty (and cheap) to buy a fancy one so I was gonna figure out some way to concoct one. Then I was in a thrift store the other day and saw this. From what I gather it is some kind of lab equipment. I've even found 2 others...
  17. Slowmovangogh

    Tell me this isn't the smallest bottle you've ever seen.

    Out in the woods behind my house there is a 1940s-50s dump site. There's nothing of real note that I have found in there, but it's super shallow and super close and my kids have fun digging there so when all else fails...... My son somehow managed to pull this tiny little speck of a bottle out...
  18. Slowmovangogh

    Interesting ornate liquor bottle... Anyone know age and/or brand?

    So I dragged my kids out to the woods the other day in search of new dump spots and shockingly within 5 minutes we found one..... a big one! At first glance I thought this was primarily a 1920s-30s dump site from a bar or tavern because of the hundreds of broken whiskey bottles on the surface...
  19. Slowmovangogh

    Help putting a date on this one

    If anyone could help me put a date (range) on this I would appreciate it. I am only a few years into the hobby and am still learning. I have had this bottle sitting around for a couple years and can't quite figure it out. Obviously olive green, no seems, slightly irregular in shape. There is...

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