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    My small (Canadian) crown top/milk top collection

    Here's my small collection of tops I have came across over the years. LETS SEE YOURS!!!
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    Back bar’s to re gold fill the letter or to leave???

    Any suggestions? I know the insides need to be tumble clean but should a guy re gold fill the letters! or just clean fill with whisky and enjoy!
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    Early 1900s BIM/BIMAL paper label med’s! Sask./Can./U.S.A.

    First off I want to apologize to anyone in this bottle community that has tried to e mail me in the past and has had no response! They were all if any were getting sent to an inactive account! E mail has been changed and I’m back in the bottle game again ready and willing to talk/answer any...
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    RAINBOW Bottling Works Nipawin Saskatchewan???

    Wondering if anyone has seen an ACL or anything from this company or did they only bottle Pepsi products thanks Jason
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    Dominion glass Redcliff Alberta 1989 76 years plant workers beer bottles???

    Any information about these would be appreciated thanks! D Shift 89 one side workers names other side DOMGLAS CHANGE-CREW 1989 one side workers names other side
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    Canadian print 54/67 7UP cookbook and float glass topper

    Just a couple of weekend finds I thought I would share.
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    Early Canadian paper label meds/poison

    Just a few bottles I thought I would share. Picked up over the winter and since the thaw. R.M. MITCHELL DRUGGIST AND STATIONER WEYBURN N.W.T. (pre. 1905 Saskatchewan) THE BOLE DRUG CO.,WINNIPEG NATIONAL DRUG & CHEMICAL COMPANY OF CANADA. LIMITED. LABORATORIES MONTREAL. A.D. FERGUSON...
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    Some Saskatchwan Can. Local sodas

    Just a few bottles finally cleaned up for display i have picked up this summer. Regina bottlers ltd., 7oz G&J Watt Regina ACL, 7oz g&j Watt company limited Regina signature script, 8oz Rose Bottling P.A.Sask. mae west style and 7oz Jackson Bottling Moose Jaw
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    Canadian diet?orange crush crown cap

    Came across a couple of these sugar free/diet orange crush caps today. I don't recall ever seeing a ACL sugar free/diet orange crush? Was it just bottled in reg crush bottles than capped different.Any info would be appreciated thanks Jason
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    Early Canadian med.?

    First off I'll start by saying hello to the community it's been awhile since I've been on hear. Now to the topic I've had this bottle for a few years now but forgot I even had it till my bro asked me about it the other day. I couldn't tell him nothing really I have never been able to find much...
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    U.S.A. Bottles for sale in canada pre 1900

    Hope this works if not ill try to post the info as good as i can.
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    gradge sale find would like some info thanks

    hey i picked up a little jem well not knowing it was. would like a little more up to date info about it if anyone could help me out it would be very appreciated. it is a mint cond smokine Alfred Andresen & co amber cabin shaped whisky minneapolis and winnipeg. 10 year old info is all i can find?

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