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    Mini Stoneware Script Jug NAME ONLY no town

    Picked this up today at a thrift shop, anyone know who this guy is or where this jug is from? The only writing is " JOSEPH SKINFLINT. "
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    Weirdest Privy Dig Ever

    The forums are so anymore [:o].......anywho Today I was working with my father installing windows in someones house when I looked next door and saw that they were prepping to tear this amazing old house down. There was a guy in an excavator ripping up stumps in the back yard and...
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    1928 Whistle Bottling Works Honesdale PA Calendar

    Saw this calendar sell at a local auction recently. Estimate was 100/150, it ended up selling for $1,150. Looked like a pretty cool piece of bottle related material, just not for me at that price.
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    Anyone know steins? No, not Ben

    Grandmas had this for years, Can't find one like it on the interwebs. I know the stamp was used from 1880-1921. Just hoping someone could tell me a more specific age and a value. Merkelbach & Wick
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    Hey forum, helping my digging partner sort out part of a large bottle inheritance left to him by his father (the person who got us both into digging) Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Its a barrel bitters from Argentina. Label isn't perfect but Im sure its got some decent value...
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    Amber strap side???? Things with no names are hard to look up...

    Just wonder if any knows anything about this strap sided. Looks like it may be marked on the bottom but can make it out. Very crude looking.
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    WTF is this thing?

    Went digging in a big modern dump hoping to find older stuff a few feet down. No such luck, but did find some weird post TOC stuff. Any idea what this is? Measures 9" long. Round hole at end of cone. Mesh filer on both ends. No markings on it at all besides the ribbing and rectangular panel...
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    Columbian Jubilee amber flask

    Hey Forum Just wondering what to make of this Amber Flask, purchased in part of a collection. I've only been able to find examples with the standard flask lip, not a whiskey top. Were these reproduced at any time? Sorry pics are sub-par
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    W. Riddle Philad Colbalt IP

    Hey guys, Was checking out my digging partners collection, tried finding info on this beauty, but can only find similar bottle in green and colbalt one on eBay that is missing the whole top. Any idea of a rarity or value of this one?
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    When good geeses go bad VID

    How a superimposed light saber can make a good video even more gooder! CLICKY
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    A few NJ ACLs

    Hey forum I'm not really into ACLs in general, just curios of the age, rarity and maybe any backstories behind these bottles/companies. Considering their condition, they're not far from going to the big bottle cemetery in the sky (recycling bin)
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    NEWS : Man in NJ trapped under boulder "artafact digging"

    From what I heard this guy was "artifact digging" Hoping hes not one of our own Sorry can't make...
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    Anyone know dishes?

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about plates. I didn't dig these from the ground, but out of a storage unit and as my father was pushing the cart full of boxes out to the van he hit a bump and one box fell off breaking the two plates inside. Saved the piece just incase. I cant find any...
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    Tear down this wall!!! or no?

    Hey guys, May be silly question, but I've been digging a property in the woods which consists of a foundation, a cistern that held nothing but nice shards, and a few retaining wall holding back earth from the old road along side it. A section of the wall was collapsed and I found that it...
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    Flea Market find Master Ink

    Stopped by an indoor/outdoor flea market today looking for info on renting a space to get rid some of my storage unit finds and asked a few vendors if they had any old bottles. One gentlemen pointed under his table to a Coleman cooler full of ABMs that he had soaking in prep for sale. Dug to the...
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    Scranton, PA Home of "The Office" and this bottle?

    Any idea of the maker of this crown top? Very thick glass, lopsided base.
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    Old Royal Hollands B.M.&E. A.W.&.O. NY

    Cant find any on this, anyone seen one before. Info? History? Value? measures approx 10" tall Top looks like a blob but is cut in half Very crudely shaped and stetch marks on neck
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    Colbolt Soda for $10,000 on Clist?

    Looks like a nice bottle, never seen one? Worth it? Should I refinance my house so I can buy this?
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    Is this guy serious?

    NJ Craigslist ads
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    Cobalt ribbed bottle?

    What is this, perfume maybe? Ribbed bottom to neck. Smooth indented base. Sheared lip, looks twisted. Apex 2.5" tall

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