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    So sad, I just lost my father.

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Warner's Safe Cures =D

    Beautiful bottles!!
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    New Nevada Bottles

    Thanks guys, he had some other awesome ones but I could only buy so many.
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    New Nevada Bottles

    Picked up some bottles recently, the Bain and Pioneer Soda Works were given to me.
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    Driving Home from Work & Found this.

    That is awesome Leon! Doesn't look like a bad one either.
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    Arizona dig

    Awesome finds and posts!!
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    Hey everybody some news ones. Plus one that i would like a particular look at.

    Here is one that is cleaned on Ebay not sure the age, but my guess would be some around the 1910's. I am not a pro on jars so that might not be close. Here is a 7" one not sure what height your's is...
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    Some Recent Finds

    Some beautiful bottles, I love the flask!
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    Tamalon cure

    Awesome bottle!!
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    Birthday Bottle (Need Help IDing it)

    Love the bottle!! Can't help you with the information.
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    J.T. Sherrer

    Ok, thanks Andy. I don't know why but I haven't found much on it either. I paid $20 for it just because it looked like a good bottle.
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    J.T. Sherrer

    Hi Jim, I don't know why it rotates the pictures but the top is a machine made crown top. Not sure how to rotate them either sorry, but the bottle is also 7 1/2" tall. I thik it dates around the 1910's.
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    J.T. Sherrer

    Hi everyone, I found this bottle a while back and can't find any information or any prices. I know it was made by Pacific Coast Glass Works and it dates in the 1900's. Any more info would be helpful.
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    Spencer Optical Lenses

    Awesome find and great story.
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    New Collector From NOVA SCOTIA

    Don't have anything, but beautiful collection.
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    Pictorial French Jar

    Ok, you can also email at if it still doesn't work.
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    Pictorial French Jar

    Cool find, seems like an interesting piece.
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    Museum Bottles

    Ok, thanks Andy.
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    Museum Bottles

    Andy if you don't mind I would love to see the blue A.M. cole bottle.

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