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    White House bottle collecting

    A while back I asked about White House vinegar collecting. There was not much interest. I understand it not being a big topic on here. I love it. I was always searching for a place on the internet to talk and share. Not much out there. Really nothing out there. So I created a group on...
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    White House

    Thanks. Any help is worth the wait. Hope your daughter has a wonderful wedding and marriage.
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    White House

    No one??
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    White House

    Sorry. I guess I didn't fully explain myself. I meant White House Bottles and jugs, etc. White House vinegar, apple sauce, jelly, apple butter. Jugs, bottles, containers, glasses, jars, on and on.
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    White House

    By the looks of everything, this site is mostly about old bottles and digging. I fully understand and think these old bottles are very cool. I am a White House collector myself. I am looking for other collectors who love these like I do. I have exhausted all options of finding any stuff I don't...
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    White House VNIEGAR jar (Mispelled)

    Yeah they existed in three different sizes that I know of. From my understanding they all came from one area in Virginia. It seems to me that they noticed the misspelling and never sold any vinegar in them. They were all supposed to be destroyed or thrown away. From what I know some of these...
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    New Here. White House collector.

    Hello folks. I am new here. I am looking for fellow White House collectors. Always looking for what I might not have. Always in the market for old label stuff. Let's talk White House.
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    White House VNIEGAR jar (Mispelled)

    Absolutely no flaws. With glass insert and correct metal band.
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    White House VNIEGAR jar (Mispelled)

    New to the forum. I am a White House collector. Here is a pic of my prize possession.

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