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    Did a little digging in the 20s dump, got a sweet bottle from Arizona!

    Whelp, I was back in Peoria for my sister's wedding (husband is a good dude) and managed a few short digs. I got plenty of common stuff, sodas milks etc. which aren't pictured but did bring back to WY the nice portable smalls which are pictured. Got 2 more of the BIM 1920s "Best and Jordan...
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    Nifty find from the Salvation Army thrift store

    While walking the aisles at the local thrift store, an item lurking among modern vases "jumped-out" at me, and once i got closer to inspect it was pleasantly surprised to find the oldest item I've ever seen at the shop! "Sheehan '96" The paint washed off quite easily and revealed lots of nice...
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    Sniffed out a brand-new dump! Test-hole yields tasty TOC trash!

    Last week I spent a free afternoon tromping around in search of fresh dig spots and other interesting new things, and came across evidence that a TOC dump might be in (under) the area I'd slogged into. Here's what I saw (the scratching to the lower left corner was from my investigation last week...
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    This past month's many finds from the "Roaring '20s Dump", including Silver and Gold!

    Whelp, it's been a while since posting any digs, so I'll be sharing a selection of the many discoveries made in my generous 1920s dump. It will take a while to round-up the many worthy finds made during this chilly digging season, so feel free to check for updates! For starters, here are the...
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    A prospecting adventure into the Storm Sewers yields Silver and Gold!

    Hours into a day of rather unsuccessful scouting for areas laden with old bottles and other goodies, I found myself at yet another storm sewer draining into the head of the ravine being scoured for treasures: Knowing that no bottles were to be had there, and feeling a bit tired from the hours...
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    First good "dig" in Columbus! Got my first intact Congress Saratoga, and 2 hutches, Yay!

    After many hours of hiking around a good number of inhospitable locations in the Columbus, OH area, I finally found what seems to be an old un-dug ash and bottle dump! I've spent many days worth of hours scouring the county for worthy spots over the past few years, but have never found any...
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    Dug my first Warner's Safe Cure in the TOC dump (Plus a '20s silver find)

    They aren't particularly special, but an intact Warner's Safe Cure has been on my "need to dig" list since I found shards of one 6 years ago. Finally got around to pulling one during a frozen dig, only a foot below the surface. Didn't dig too long and didn't really find too much, but got a few...
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    Great piece of glassblowing history/science I got recently

    Hey folks, I picked this up for cheap recently, and its appeal keeps growing on me day by day. For those of you who like antique blown glass, as well as the science and chemistry behind it (like me), then you will probably agree that it is a fascinating piece on several levels. It is a BIM...
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    The best thing about Ohio...

    ... Is the "Bluegrass Ramble" played on public radio from 6 to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a real drag to hear the students around here blasting "country" music detailing Uncle Sam sticking boots up arses and whatnot. Thankfully the radio stations provide an antidote to that crap...
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    Fun TOC dig, nice variety of glass

    Went digging a few days ago, and although the packed "stoneware" layer seems pretty much tapped-out, just randomly digging through the ash and relatively thin layers of refuse proved more productive than I expected. Got 2 new collection bottles; the 4 ounce Wheeler and 3 ounce Red Cross...
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    Question about value of "A Merry Xmas" flasks?

    Hey there, my dad and I have dug up a couple BIM "A Merry Xmas" flasks, around 4 ounce capacity, that look like this guy: I just figured that they were blah 5-10 dollar bottles at best, but this morning I came across this completed listing...
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    Attn. Diggers - Save your Hutchinson Spring Stoppers! Worth way more than scrap!

    I've been saving the intact stoppers found in broken hutches since I started, and will shatter the dug broken tops to collect the stoppers if they aren't already free. I did this as a habit but without much motivation other than thinking they were cool and would look good in hutches with broken...
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    Had a Superb day of TOC digging... Found the Peoria Arkenjug!

    Finally, after over 6 years of dedicated hunting and digging, I obtained my "dream" local stenciled mini-jug. In total, I've only dug 1 standard-sized stenciled jug (not including the common Western Stoneware jugs and the like) and 3 stenciled mini-jugs; 1 from Cairo, IL with a busted handle, 1...
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    Dump digging with my brother yesterday

    My brother just got back from studying in Taiwan, and he wanted to do some digging. We hit the TOC dump and moved tons of ash and found lots of bottles, but the vast majority were slick and the good ones mostly broken. The temperature was of unsurpassed excellence though; temps in the 60s in...
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    Found memory card, so here is a sweet dig from May!

    Here are the photos covering a very excellent dig my father and I had at the TOC dump on Mother's Day. It's almost blasphemous for a digger to say, but I was getting pretty sick of all the stoneware, lol. Fun to dig, but the big beasts it need to be hauled back too. Father passing through the...
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    Found the craziest Edelweiss Blob Beer EVER!

    So, My father and I went back to the dump for a spot of digging this afternoon, and although not many bottles were found (only 1 hutch today [:(] [:D]) I managed to pull out an unreal Blob beer that is still blowing my mind. It almost feels like it landed from outer space because of how...
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    Dug the TOC dump with Dad... And found the best Peoria Coke possible!

    Yesterday my father and I attacked the TOC dump for about 6.5 hours. It was a fantastic dig, as the absolute first bottle out of the ground was the amber SS Coke and Hires hybrid from Peoria. It blows all other Peoria cokes out of the water in terms of rarity as well as being the only amber. I...
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    More nice digs at my productive TOC dump

    I went out digging for the first time in a while earlier today, and figured that the TOC spot found this January would be ready to hit. I had excavated a rather large cavern in the dump and it had caved in soon thereafter, but I wanted the abundant rains to continue settling and collapsing the...
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    So this is Elton John's favorite car?

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    Anyone ever see a BIM 1/4 ounce local druggist mold bottle?

    Yesterday I was digging in my mid-20s dump, and as luck would have it, I found a splendid little bottle, 1/4 ounce capacity and just shy of 2.25 inches tall, embossed with "Block and Kuhl Co" which was a prosperous local department store. I had dug 1 ounce and 1/2 ounce examples in the past...

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