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    Danger Keep out vs No tresspassing

    House is vacant,could be some ghost looking out
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    Danger Keep out vs No tresspassing

    Pretty much what I expected looking for a loophole..thinking I should let my dog go under the fence then I would have to get him
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    Danger Keep out vs No tresspassing

    I just have to explore this very old house and property which are under construction , the dilemma is by the time I get home from work no one around to talk to about checking out the property. As pictured they do not have no trespassing signs just danger keep out are they just trying to cover...
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    any walking dead fans

    Good points about the after show (which I don't watch) Starting to think he is alive they are gonna have to convince everyone he escaped.Just like Rick in the rv surrounded by walkers they never showed how he got away (yet)
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    New to the hobby

    Welcome,good luck,good hunting and watch out very addictive hobby .Have a great time, I love the fact that collectors/diggers may be perserving some local history and $$ are secondary
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    any walking dead fans

    Gotta admit, I watched a few episodes over a year ago wasn't impressed cutting up zombies got kinda boring until I understood the story line thanks to my daughter who talked me into watching every episode with her from the beginning over a few months period.Now I am hooked........and we can't...
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    Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ??

    Re: RE: Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ?? Old 8mms films,one of my oldest is Charlie Chaplin,s silent film the gold rush it's on 4 reels from 1925
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    ive hit a gold mine

    well said Danny I love the history and the hunt..$$ nice but secondary..One of the reasons I Am not on this site much anymore seems to be tilting more negative feedback then positive ......
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    7up bottle

    thats how I heard it was designed with no emphasis on how many bubbles, then someone in 7 up said why do we have 8 bubbles when were 7 up,or something like that 7 bubble around the girls arms vs 8 and on the main label
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    found my first torpedo in the river

    I stand corrected ,they look more like bowling pins, but didnt it sound better I found a torpedo instead of a round bottom....[8|]
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    found my first torpedo in the river

    First torpedo and a common cabots med,thinking late 1800,s on the torpedo,only makings small. 3* on bottom
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    The HOLE Robbers!

    Have not been on this site much lately,use to be on daily,sure has changed a lot and is why I have been away I guess. People need to grow up,your surprised an administrator(cowseatmaze.)disagree s with you,I am surprised they didn't delete your post. Leaving an open hole is not cool....anywhere
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    I dug my first intact blob (with story on it all and in-situ pics!)

    Well written,and some nice finds, I am not one for trespassing in buildings,(sometimes on land)but it sounds like I am missing out may have to rethink my careful
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    Pay-Day Beverages ACL Bottle Canton Miss Need info

    gonna check on this one you may have a good one don't think you see those too often.
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    Some bottles I made trade for.

    just in case your wondering......There is more consensus on the meaning of Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, but it turns out the consensus is wrong. In the 1920's, a reporter for The Webster Times, Lawrence J. Daly, wrote that it was a Nipmuck Indian word meaning "You fish on your...
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    new warwick club sign

    new sign cleaned up nice, blue and gold is another in my collection, cement came off with out much damage
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    Cloverfield from PA

    Will have pics soon came across a case of cloverfield soda bottles today. The wooden crate is from cloverfield bottling co PA..Some embossed but all missing the labels all have wire closures not thinking much of the bottles but the crate is nice any info on this company
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    new warwick club sign

    This should be mine in a day or two to go with all my other Warwick club items ,this 2'x7' sign will clean up great...any estimates on value I am thinking $100 would be a safe purchase price for me
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    long winter up here in new england no digging,store and ebay finds

    Thought I would share some of my winter Rhode Island soda bottle finds,some I have already ,but bought doubles ect because the price was right,the south county and spike it are hard ones thatI have wanted for a while, the Salt and pepper shakers acls are not RI bottles

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