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    Post-Prohibition Whiskeys

    I was approached this afternoon to purchase a collection of 1930s whiskey bottles, unopened, or to determine if I knew of anybody who might be interested.I know there is a niche market for these, but I personally know nobody who collects them.If anybody is interested, please IM me and I can put...
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    Seltzer bottle parts

    Recently got some seltzer bottles and needed some repair parts for them.Found Alex Gomberg of Brooklyn Seltzer Boys (, who says they manufacture the ring collars and straws, and can also provide the rubber seal. Prices were very reasonable at $2 for the rings, $1.50...
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    Need help with unlisted Rockford, Ill bottle

    Just picked this up at auction and it is not listed on Was wondering if it is listed in the Illinois bottle book and what the approximate value would be.I collect Florida bottles, and picked this up as a trader. Embossing: (front) Hugo E. Kling / Rockford, / ILL. (rear) This...
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    Green 1929(?) Nehi bottle

    The recent post about the Royal Crown Ginger Ale labels intrigued me, and I went searching for information myself. I found a 1943 painting containing what looks to be a green ACL bottle. Thinking I might have seen something like that before I went digging through my old digging finds and found...
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    Nehi Top of the World bottle

    Saw this on an upcoming auction and had never heard of it. Opening bid is out of my price range, but apparently it is expected to go over $250. Anybody know the value of one of these?
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    Vacation antique stores

    I am away from my home for a couple days and there are several antique stores near me. If anybody is looking for anything specific let me know and while I look around I will keep my eyes open. The only think I've seen so far are a couple aqua skittles (one from Sale and one from ... Sport's...
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    Almost had a new addition today

    After finding an amber Nashville Coca Cola in an antique store recently for $12, I was feeling pretty lucky. So today decided to take a walk through the woods, which I haven't done in many years. After avoiding a lot of swampy land I found a piece of high ground with a lot of the green turn-mold...
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    I've no idea what these are. Master inks, maybe?

    These bottles were found during a dive on a ship that was sunk in 1905 and belong to an acquaintance of mine. The bottom of one is incised 'Turnad Paris.' They are small... four to maybe 6 ounces and about 4 or 5 inches tall. No pour spout on either. Turnad is, I believe, still in business. Just...
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    New addition. Is this a barber bottle?

    Picked this up today because I love milkglass, but I'm not sure what it is. The inside of the lip is rough, so it must have had a stopper. There is a floral pattern painted on it, and on the bottom, right next to the pontil, the number 39 is painted. Any ideas? Tomorrow I will try to get it out...
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    Getting some sun

    I decided to take some bottles out, get the dust off them and give them a little sun. These are some of my Jacksonville, FL bottles.Bludwine: Still missing at least one that I know of. Coca Cola: Missing two shoulder script that I am aware of. Pepsi Cola: This is all eight of the them that I...
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    D. G. Yuengling Jr.

    Picked up this unlisted Yuengling bottle yesterday. I know nothing about them, but couldn't beat the price. Can anybody tell me the approximate value, and/or if there is a big market for them? It has minor damage from the lightning stopper, but is overall very nice.D. G. YUENGLING JR. / BREW...
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    Wonder if this guy digs bottles.

    Guy uses a Bobcat and stacks bottles, and puts a golf ball on top of them.
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    Quart sized Codd bottle?

    I had never heard of a quart sized Codd bottle, but was browsing the internet this morning and ran across this pic of an antique store in Hawaii. I was admiring "all the pretty colors" when I noticed that the yellow bottle looks a lot like a Codd bottle.Am I misunderstanding what I think I'm...
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    ACL Auction

    I have no idea what ACLs are worth or which are common, scarce, rare, etc., but I like a lot of those listed in this auction .
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    Stoddard Flag Flask story on Worthpoint

    Just read about this bottle in a story on WorthPoint by Bram Hepburn. I'm not that familiar with Stoddard bottles, but this one is nice!
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    Bottle wiki?

    Has anybody ever considered consolidating the information about bottles & manufacturers into one site? It would be so much easier not to have to search six different sites just to research one bottle.
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    A bit pricey

    My 11-year-old son loves to collect poison bottles, so I try to keep an eye on those listed on eBay. However, I think this one is a bit out of his price range. Is it really valued that high?
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    Fraud alert

    Just noticed that of the four items listed here, three of them have been irradiated. The seller is notorious for irradiating them and not telling people that the 'rare' color is artificial. Hope none of you are being scammed or taken in.
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    Listed (and relisted) a few

    I put a few more hutches and some of the more common bitters up on eBay. You can check them out here.
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    NuGrape Gold Dot ACL

    I met a person recently who has a few local art-deco bottles that he is not interested in selling. He also had one ACL, and it's one I had never heard of. The label on this is in terrible condition, but I'm looking for rarity/value of it based on a pristine example. Any ideas? Back label...

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