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  1. Conch times

    Umbrella ink

    Thank You everyone! I'm so happy to have pulled this one!!
  2. Conch times

    Umbrella ink

    I pulled this one today while digging in a pile of material that was excavated in old town.
  3. Conch times

    Any ideas

    I found this one yesterday and I'm thinking perfume but definitely not sure. The seams run through the threads and the top looks ground to me.
  4. Conch times

    Last weekend

    Dang spellcheck it's supposed to be "last weekend"
  5. Conch times

    Last weekend

    Last Friday I found my first Christmas Coke while digging with an excavator at work. The next day I went digging with a buddy and I found a second one!
  6. Conch times

    What drives your passion?

    On my first dig I found my one and only aqua DT Sweeny and after learning of its history I was hooked! Since that day I have been lucky enough to pull thousands of bottles, some good ones and lots of common stuff as well. I've sold a lot and traded a lot over the years and I've learned two...
  7. Conch times

    Straight Sided Coca-Cola Bottle

    Very cool bottle!
  8. Conch times

    What's your favorite bottle from pre 1900 look like ?

    I don't think I could choose an all time "Favorite Bottle" but this is my favorite from my personal collection.
  9. Conch times

    Dug last weekend

    I pulled this heartbreaker last weekend as well.
  10. Conch times

    Dug last weekend

    I've pulled quite a few Chas B Fogarty & Co. Druggist bottles in my day but this past weekend I pulled this one that says, Tyler & Fogarty, Druggists, Key West Fla on it. I tried doing some research to see if it was pre or post the others I've found but had no luck...
  11. Conch times

    Favorite Umbrella Ink

    Finally figured out how to get back on my old account! I dug this one years ago but it's still by far the best umbrella ink I've ever pulled!!
  12. Conch times

    Key West Bottles

    That's actually WF, which stood for Wm Friedman. That was the first of his key west bottles, after that one he had two hutches. One of them is the champion soda factory bottle in the last pic.
  13. Conch times

    Key West Bottles

    Thank You for the comments everyone!
  14. Conch times

    Key West Bottles

    Thank You for the comments everyone!
  15. Conch times

    Key West Bottles

    Thank You for the comments everyone!
  16. Conch times

    Key West Bottles

    I was recently asked to post some of the local stuff I just added to my collection. Hope y'all like em!
  17. Conch times

    Dr. Fraga's Cuban Vermifuge

    For sure! We find so many Bumsteads and Mrs. Winslows, it's not even funny!! Lol
  18. Conch times

    Comstock & Brother, open pontil med.

    I just got this one last week and I believe it's a good one. I researched it and from what I read, it seems to be a rare bottle. I'm hoping someone here can help me confirm this.
  19. Conch times

    Dr. Fraga's Cuban Vermifuge

    I recently dug my first Vermifuge bottle and then I dug a second the next day. The Dr. Fraga's is attributed too Key West I know but the other one I found is a different shape. I'm wondering if they are related in any way?
  20. Conch times

    Semi cabin bottle

    I really appreciate all the help guys! The bottle is for sale and I will probably have it up on eBay later today.

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