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    Unguent, C. 100 B.C. to 70 A.D.

    Great bottle! Something you need to be careful of are the later Byzantine and Islamic-era near-eastern bottles/vials. They are certainly old, and it's hard to tell the difference between 1,000 and 2,000 years worth of patina/chemical erosion, but it stands to reason that the majority of...
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    Magnus, Nevada

    I'd go exploring, with a good strong walking stick to poke at possible loose rock in the ceiling of the tunnel. Granted, I've always liked going inside tunnels and caves so I am biased in favor of taking the risk. I like using the elastic band head-mounted lights, and would carry multiple plus...
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    Danger Keep out vs No tresspassing

    The most valuable bottle I ever found was in a fenced off construction/excavation area. Didn't say "No Trespassing" so I snuck in at night several times, found good stuff.
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    Large collection of antique bottles dug up in my backyard!!

    What is that metal Automobile Association plaque/tag? Looks like that piece might have some decent value. Most of those bottles are quite common, ones with embossed lettering are what collectors look for but digging them from one's back yard is hard to beat.
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    a painfull start !

    Nice digs, those are some good finds for the 1920s. I haven't had a fun dig for bottles after moving to Wyoming, and the one eroded creekbank dump that I found a few insignificant things in here got a dumptruck load of rocks poured on it, lol. I miss my 1920s Peoria dump. What town is the...
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    Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ??

    Re: RE: Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ?? You state that you'd rather avoid a debate on that which is fine, though it sounds as though you've taken the progressive ("liberal") brainwashing blue pill. No offense is intended; I was subjected to it as well and even regurgitated...
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    Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ??

    Re: RE: Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ?? You can't apply soft liberal 21st century sensibilities to the brutal reality of life in past centuries. The Muslim invaders routinely brutalized their Christian enemies, and carried off literally millions of Europeans as slaves. The...
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    Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ??

    Re: RE: Aside from bottles , What else do you collect ?? Uhh, I'm guessing that Case Knife was dropped by Paul Bunyan? Crazy huge! I've been adding to my Bronze-Age to Medieval metal artifact/weapon collection a lot this year, as I haven't found dig spots in Wyoming to satisfy my need to...
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    any walking dead fans

    I like the show, and also think Glenn survived, he is too strong of a character to kill off like that. I'm figuring that the guts being gobbled were from that other guy, and Glenn probably slid himself under the dumpster and waited for the zombies to get distracted and go elsewhere. There is a...
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    So where are the detector reports??

    I personally wouldn't bother with a pinpointer, as there is so much metal so concentrated it wouldn't really be able to pinpoint anything. Just digging/scooping the mixed metal and gravel into a 1/4 inch mesh sifter and shaking it around while submerged in water works best. Even new storm drains...
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    squirrel hunting find

    Looks like an apple cider vinegar bottle to me also. Not too old but there could be other more desirable sodas and milks in that ravine, good luck!
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    For sellers creating BIN listings/auctions, there is an option to "Require immediate payment" if the buyer buys it now (doesn't work if a best offer is accepted, of course). Simply tell them to edit the listings and uncheck the "Require immediate payment" box so you can buy the items. Good luck!
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    So where are the detector reports??

    Thanks! Believe it or not, the best find was probably an old Dog Tax tag, even compared to the gold. Found gobs of wheats and clad coins, piles of marbles and other interesting tidbits and relics too. The dog tag is from Laramie, WY and from 1914. Contacted a collector and the previous oldest...
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    So where are the detector reports??

    I discovered another rich storm drain in September, and managed these goodies via sifting and eyeballing during the month. It's a bit too cold here to go slogging through the water so I'll be back for more (and there is plenty!) in the Spring: 6.30 face in silver (including a Canadian dime and a...
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    Dug My First Christmas Ornament

    Nice finds, some of those pavers might be good ones. I found and sold a few "20th century pavers" for 10 bucks plus shipping last year. Ones in better shape are probably buried below the surface finds, people like to collect the easy to grab ones for patios and whatnot. Also, if you come across...
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    Old Plantation Brass Plant Duster Green Patina

    It looks like an old fire extinguisher to me, the kind that used Carbon Tet which actually is some nasty stuff. Consensus has nothing to do with the scientific method. Careful application of DDT causes minimal harm, and to humans it was practically nontoxic. I keep a bottle of it around and...
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    I dug my first intact blob (with story on it all and in-situ pics!)

    Great finds! From the looks and sounds of it, it seems that those walls were either poured in trenches dug through an ash and bottle dump layer (hence the bottle bits stuck in the concrete) and/or the foundation area was backfilled with ash and bottles shortly after being constructed. Either way...
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    When do you think these were from?

    The carts in their current condition are pretty much junk in my opinion, the only bits worth salvaging are the wheels and any related iron hardware, and those would be a bit more portable than an intact cart. You may wind up seeing them get tossed in the future, in which case you could scavenge...
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    When do you think these were from?

    Really cool building and pictures, I clicked them all. Those old bottle shards are intriguing, think there might be intact ones anywhere? Crawlspaces full of goodies? Those industrial/freight carts are really cool, not sure how old (figuring '20s or earlier) but there would probably be some...
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    Dug this coca cola bottle today and would love to know more

    That's a nice find! It's a shame that it doesn't have a town embossed but it is still a collectible piece. The C inside diamond logo refers to the "Chattanooga Glass Co. ca. 1901-ca. 1913" according to this resource: I'm not sure about the rarity or...

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