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    Local find - Jars and Lids

    I found some jars and lids over the weekend. I got all of this for $25 which I feel pretty good about. There are 5 Ball Perfect Mason block letter jars, 1 The Ball Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858, and one Ball (Rall) Mason in yellow/green. There were TONS of lids to sort through, but I decided...
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    New Red Wing Crocks

    I went on a little trip and added 2 more Red Wing crocks to the lineup. Both have a hairline, but I didn't have a 10 gallon and my other 2 gallon is different than this one. Great prices on these two! My dog seems happy with the 10...[attachment=Red Wing Crocks.jpg]
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    Ebay and Paypal problem

    Hi folks - this one is new to me so I thought I'd post the situation and ask for any advice from those with experience. I sold a jar on ebay 2 or 3 months ago. It was damaged (cracked), but I clearly described it as such and included a picture of the damage. The buyer paid less than a third of...
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    Mason's III Patent Nov. 30th 1858 GREEN

    I was fortunate to obtain this jar recently. The pictures don't do the color justice. I found it difficult to photograph the depth of the color on this jar. The embossing reads "Mason's III Patent Nov. 30th 1858" - the III are roman numerals, not straight lines. I would say the color is...
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    Clear, Colorless 1858 with nice lid

    I was out visiting a few wineries and antique stores over the weekend. I ended up with way more wine than antiques, but I did have one really nice find. Here it is, an 1858 ground lip colorless quart.[attachment=Clear 1858 1-1.jpg][attachment=Clear 1858 5-1.jpg]
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    My recent bottle show additions

    I'm not as big into bottles as I am into jars, but I picked up some decent stuff at this past weekend's Minnesota Bottle Show. My first find was this 5 gallon Red Wing Union Stoneware butter churn crock. I've been looking for a decent one of these for a good price for a while.[attachment=Red...
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    Reversed N's and nice lid

    I picked up this jar over the weekend at the Minnesota Bottle Show. It is an aqua quart improved style closure embossed "Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858" with backwards N's in Patent and Nov. Pretty interesting double error jar. It also came with a very nice glass insert embossed with a...
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    Minnesota Bottle Show March 23rd

    I'll be at this show on Sunday and I'm sure a few other members will be too.
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    Imperial Half Gallon Size = BIG

    I posted some jars I received today in another thread and one is an Imperial half gallon size. This is my first IHG size jar in my collection and I thought I'd share a picture of it next to a standard HG size 1858 jar for the forum to see the size difference. The IHG is considerably wider and...
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    New Jars - Rall and EGCo The Imperial

    I received some new additions today in the mail from a fellow forum member! I was losing my daylight when I took these pictures, so my apologies for the poor quality.[attachment=New Jars 1.jpg] The first jar is Redbook 870-5 "The EGCo Imperial" (monogram in circle) in Imperial half gallon size...
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    New Image size test post

    I'm just testing out the new allowable image size. Picture of random jars... Bear with me[attachment=Test Image.jpg]
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    Wanted: Charles City, Iowa Blob or Hutch

    I'm in search of a blob or hutch embossed with Charles City, IA. I have seen a damaged blob, but would like one in reasonably good condition. Does anyone have something they'd be willing to part with?
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    Safety Wide Mouth Mason, Salem, N.J.

    It's been quiet in here lately! I found these two jars when I was out Christmas shopping today. The embossing reads Safety Wide Mouth - Mason Salem Glass Works Salem, N.J. One is a quart and one is a half gallon. Both have wide mouth zinc lids. I haven't seen the half gallon all that...
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    Red Wing Pottery to close or be sold

    There was an old post that I made earlier in the year about the Red Wing Union Stoneware Company and their fruit jars here. I saw on the news just now that what remains of the pottery will be closed or sold...
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    Found an Ink Box

    I'm taking this opportunity to post a picture for the first time on the new site. I really like go-withs so I thought it was cool to find this box. Does anyone collect boxes of things like this? This one was damaged and over priced, but I really liked it.
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    SCA Mason Block Letters

    Any thoughts on the correct Redbook # for this jar? I'm thinking RB #1642 since it does have a ground lip. Although it is unlisted in clear or SCA in pint size.
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    A couple smalls

    I only have a very small bottle collection as that is not my focus, but here are a couple that I picked up today. Can anyone tell me anything about them? The light cobalt one would've had a label I suppose. The lips both appear sheared. The "chip" on the base of the light cobalt bottle...
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    Whitall's Atmospheric Lid Question

    In my collection, I have two quart Milleville Atmospherics and one pint. One of the quarts has a lid that is different from the others. See the pictures of the differences. One is much more crude, has some light amber swirls and does not have the 4 lines embossed out from the center. Can...
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    New Christmas Mason Jar

    I just got this jar in the mail today and am incredibly pleased. I already had a Ball blue Christmas Mason and now have an aqua version to set next to it. This one has some fantastic glass swirling across the front and an original correct Sun-Moon-Star lid. I think the Christmas Mason has...
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    J & A Dearborn pontiled cobalt sided bottle New York

    Hi folks, I don't usually post on the bottle forums but I found this one in an antique store today while away for the holiday. Wondering if I could get an assessment on value or if anyone on the forums really wants it. Iron pontil cobalt sided bottle embossed j. & A. Dearborn New York Mineral...

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