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    Good Day diggin in Maine

    The sooner a bottle collector refines their collecting focus the better. Way too east to end up with a state-wide collection or worse. A refined antique bottle collection is nothing to sneeze at. :cool:
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    Galveston Dig

    The perfume bottle with the embossed head is a good one. Don't let it go for cheap. That is a keeper for sure. Along with the Galveston dandy flask. I'm not an expert on local bottles from Texas but I'd guess the pharmacies from Galveston are also good ones for keeping. Or for sale to a Texas...
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    Plz help identify this perfume bottle?!?

    Perfume/cologne bottle. Most perfume bottles were label only. The indented panels would have held the labels. The cylindrical perfume bottles used by Hoyt are common and embossed Hoyt's German Cologne. However you might run across other cylindrical bottles embossed with lesser known companies'...
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    Dump Truck Finds

    I would put the Cal. Elec. Works insulator on ebay. You might be surprised at the winning bid. The older SF insulators are doing quite well - fantastically well - these days.
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    ties my smallest embossed bottle

    This has a ground lip. About 1 1/4 inch high. Western blown.
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    J.H. Harte Montreal amber medicine

    This is of the style called Homeopathic. Small square base amber bottles. Boericke & Runyon were one of the best known in the U.S. I would think this would appeal to Canadian collectors rather than U.S. collectors.
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    Worner's rattler oil phoenix ariz?

    Putting it up on ebay will get you the most exposure, and very likely the best (highest) price.
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    New Texas Medicine

    Generally (although not always) the tiny square base pharmacy bottles contained homoepathic medicines. Either way this is very nice. Excellent find!
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    What's your favorite bottle from pre 1900 look like ?

    The green Sun Drug Co. is a fine example. One of Los Angeles' most beautiful bottles. Besides the M. Keller.
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    Unexpected Delivery...

    I won this bottle on ebay. Fairly common tooled crown, but this example has very little wear on the lower embossing. Usually this area of embossing shows the results of heavy case wear. So I figured an upgrade for a reasonable price. However check out the tracking info. This was a post office...
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    Brass Fruit Crate Stencils

    I collect local metal items. Cast iron, brass, et cetera. Noticed a seller on ebay had two original fruit crate stencils from S.F. After emailing the seller I managed to get both for a reasonable deal.
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    Some Recent Finds

    Yes, the Samuel O. Meyer bottle is an ammonia bottle. 1910 vintage. Very common. Most old time diggers skipped the newer privies. TOC-1910 vintage privies would be left undug out in California. There are some post-TOC bottles that are quite rare however. Meyer was a grocer in S.F. during this...
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    Today dig!

    Local druggist bottles are my favorite category. Nice finds!
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    Key West bottle

    Incredible flask. Amber and extremely rare. I'd guess a few flask collectors are waiting to buy this one if you offer it for sale. Damn nice.
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    Cobalt blue Key West med

    Sorry to read you traded this one off for the beer. I am primarily a druggist/pharmacy bottle collector, although I do have a few beers in my general collection. This one is a beauty. It would have brought a pretty penny on ebay.
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    Galveston Brewing Company & Heartreakers

    Those are some great finds. The "topless" soda is really a fine piece even without the top. How many full examples are known?
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    Ideal Sarsaparilla Waxahachie, Texas

    The google books search is one of my "go to's" for old business info.
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    Nash's Rheumatism Cure in amber -- Western?
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    Clear purple tinted bottle louis taussig & co.

    Hey Andy, I went to the FOHBC show Saturday. Found three sodas, one hutch, two tooled crowns. Went home with some extra money which was cool. One seller had both a Crockett and a Port Costa hutch in his sales case. If I had an extra 2K I coulda brought both of them home!
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    Arizona dig

    I've got a collector friend down in Chandler. He was just saying that it is Monsoon Season in Arizona currently. Go out after the rains to likely town sites, dump sites and look for glass exposed by the rains. You never know. I found an embossed whiskey fifth where the rain had exposed only a...

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