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  1. Conch times

    Umbrella ink

    I pulled this one today while digging in a pile of material that was excavated in old town.
  2. Conch times

    Any ideas

    I found this one yesterday and I'm thinking perfume but definitely not sure. The seams run through the threads and the top looks ground to me.
  3. Conch times

    Last weekend

    Last Friday I found my first Christmas Coke while digging with an excavator at work. The next day I went digging with a buddy and I found a second one!
  4. Conch times

    Dug last weekend

    I've pulled quite a few Chas B Fogarty & Co. Druggist bottles in my day but this past weekend I pulled this one that says, Tyler & Fogarty, Druggists, Key West Fla on it. I tried doing some research to see if it was pre or post the others I've found but had no luck...
  5. Conch times

    Favorite Umbrella Ink

    Finally figured out how to get back on my old account! I dug this one years ago but it's still by far the best umbrella ink I've ever pulled!!
  6. Conch times

    Key West Bottles

    I was recently asked to post some of the local stuff I just added to my collection. Hope y'all like em!
  7. Conch times

    Comstock & Brother, open pontil med.

    I just got this one last week and I believe it's a good one. I researched it and from what I read, it seems to be a rare bottle. I'm hoping someone here can help me confirm this.
  8. Conch times

    Dr. Fraga's Cuban Vermifuge

    I recently dug my first Vermifuge bottle and then I dug a second the next day. The Dr. Fraga's is attributed too Key West I know but the other one I found is a different shape. I'm wondering if they are related in any way?
  9. Conch times

    Semi cabin bottle

    I bought a collection from a local guy of 145 bottles and I'm only keeping the 21 Key West bottles. I can't seem to find any info on this one, can anyone help me with some history on it? It says ROEHLING & SCHUTZ, Inc. on it.
  10. Conch times

    Old pickle jar??

    I've pulled a gaggle of the regular pickle jars in my day but in my opinion this is the oldest I've ever found! Can somebody help me with how old??
  11. Conch times

    Need help with possible ink bottle?

    I can't seem to find any info or even a pic of this possible ink bottle. I found it while digging in old town Key West. Been awhile, I hope the pic comes though!
  12. Conch times

    Demi John

    My buddy just got this bread loaf demi John this morning at an estate sale. Can anyone give me some info on it? Hopefully the picture works!!
  13. Conch times

    El Champion bottle

    I'm sorry fellas, the forum is kickin my ass today!! I can't seem to answer back on my other thread!!
  14. Conch times

    El Champion Bottle

    I haven't posted since the site was changed over, life gets that way I guess. Anyways, I found this guy yesterday and I just have to show it off!!! I hope I can get this pic uploaded!! It's an El Champion soda & mineral water bottle from Key West. http://i297.photobucket.c...-AF08-D7F986B75063.jpg
  15. Conch times

    Black Gold!!

    My boss got some of the material that is being excavated from a new hotel site here in town. It's funny how this nasty stank black dirt is so unsuitable to build on but we as diggers want it BAD!! One mans trash is another mans treasure!! Here are the ones I pulled out today. [/IMG]...
  16. Conch times

    Key West bottles for sale.

    I'm going to be posting some bottles my buddy recently purchased from some KW diggers. I'm not sure if he will let the embossed KW stuff go but everything I post will be for sale or trade! You can either post here or PM me and I'll get you in contact with my buddy. Thanks!!! [/IMG]...
  17. Conch times

    Big score!!!

    So my buddy was talking to these four brothers and they get to talkin bottles, come to find out that these guys have been finding stuff for years doing odd jobs around Key West. So my buddy goes to see what they have and ends up buying the whole lot!!! I think he did real well and he said the...
  18. Conch times

    Getting chased by Mother Nature.

    So my father in law, my nephew and I go out to do some spearfishing the other day. It started out clear and hardly a breath of wind..... And then this front line just rolls in like it owned the place!!! We got a couple fish but ol Mother Nature always wins!!! [/IMG] [/IMG]
  19. Conch times

    Couple new guys!

    I'm always looking for KW stuff and I try to get every Chas B. Fogarty bottle that I see! My wife's brother's name was Chas so there's that conection and they are from my hometown so that's a plus as well!! So I'm on the bay looking for KW bottles and a guy was selling these two Tyler &...
  20. Conch times

    Cool stuff!!!

    I got invited to go digging in a KW privy yesterday. I have posted other stuff from this dig before but it has been a few weeks at least since we dug here last. Poor guy is so busy workin on the house so he can move in its hard to get time to dig. The yard is in old town Key West so it's in...

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