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    Help on Starr X opener

    There is a slight curve to the brass so it looks like it was for a non flat surface like a fridge maybe? I wonder if its a one of made for a specific pourpose or was it made by the factory for some company?
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    Help on Starr X opener

    Not sure where to post this but any help or advice on even where to go to get info appreciated. I have been collecting Starr X openers for a while. I ran across this one at a flea market and it was a blank Starr X opener made for a few years mid 20s. It has this brass extension on it that I have...
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    Value of Mountain dew bottle

    I picked this up at a flea market and did a bit of research. The book by Bridgforth says its worth around 300 dollar. I have also been told that the prices in this book are inflated. Its the mt dew bottle jugged by frank Walter swifty and bill

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