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  1. DeepSeaDan

    More Finds...

    More glass from the past: "Whistle" soda ( Pat'd 1926 ), J & A McKechnie Canandaigua Beer ( MM from N.Y. ), a nice old black glass beer, clay pipe bowl, 3 in 1 oil and some more river glassware! Gotta luv the summertime hunt!
  2. DeepSeaDan

    ❤️ Those Round Bottoms!

    Another 4 hour dive resulted in this li’l darlin…
  3. DeepSeaDan

    The MilkMan cometh...

    Four hours on my u/w scooter produced more milk bottles, a very clean, scratch-free flask and a little Horlick's malted milk jar. The flask & two milks came out of the sand, the rest were mid-river, a few displaying some 'river-rash' from years of tumbling about the rocky river bottom.
  4. DeepSeaDan

    Milks & A Honey Blue

    Left the underwater scooter at home to try out my new prescription mask; the entire lens is designed for close-up viewing - what a change! I can see like the 14 year-old I was when I first started diving & hunting for treasure. Probably would have missed the milks, as they lay amongst rocks and...
  5. DeepSeaDan

    1st Dive of the Season Find

    Not a bottle, but my 2nd favourite item to find - Crockery! No name, no stencilling, but of a shape I have yet to find. Unsure of it's d.o.m., or who may have created it, but it will find a place on my shelf as a pleasure to look at and a fond memory of it's discovery.
  6. DeepSeaDan

    Tin Salvage, Straits of Taiwan, 1985 ( a deepsea yarn...)

    I posted this over on Treasurenet, but I though y'all might enjoy the tale... Ask any Deepsea Oilfield Diver where he stayed while hanging in Singapore looking for work & he will probably say the "Mitre Hotel." The Mitre was a run-down shanty of a lodging house ( possibly, it’s still operating...
  7. DeepSeaDan

    "Message in a Bottle ( Observations of a Maine Bottle Hound )"

    Perhaps many of you have read this relatively short, but pleasant book; a book of bottle-hunting tales, told in a folksy, down-to-earth style. The author is Geoffrey Richards. My only complaint is there is no pictures of his or his son's finds. I was wondering if anyone here knows the man, or...
  8. DeepSeaDan

    The Joy of The Hunts...

    ( Admins: If this post is incorrectly placed in this category, please move it to the correct area, with apologies...) "Hunts" being, of course, the find itself, then the hunting down of information relating to your find - a joyful experience! So there I was, diligently scanning the bottom...
  9. DeepSeaDan

    34 in / 58 out

    Took advantage of Spring-like weather yesterday and did some dives in a large river, quite swollen from heavy overnight rains. A very chilly 34 degrees F was the water temp., with all manner of detritus flowing along with the current. It was delightful to emerge to comparatively warm - 58...
  10. DeepSeaDan

    Sign Salvage

    Several years ago my buddy & I spotted a 2-sided, 4'x 8' porcelain sign on the bottom of our favourite river to dive. We said, more than once: "We really should bring that sign up!", but never seemed to get around to it. Well, this month we did! Problem was, we didn't really think it through...
  11. DeepSeaDan

    Summer Finds Thus Far...

    The Missuss asked me to bring back any porcelain china I might see & I managed to see some! Not much in the way of stunning glass thus far this summer, but a fun cross section of neat stuff. Some other items I've found this summer I have posted previously. Finally found a straight-side coke and...
  12. DeepSeaDan

    Pitched Pitcher

    The Missuss often asks me to bring home any antique china items I might find and yesterday, I finally did. The pictured pitcher is showing it's good side & I have duct tape applied to the interior to keep the cracks from propagating. Thinking about how thrilled she'd be when I presented it to...
  13. DeepSeaDan

    Howes Womans Friend...

    Got a buddy who is trying to find information on this bottle; he thinks it's Canadian in origin, as the bottle shape is very similar to a Burdock's Bitters bottle. Anyone know anything about it? TIA, DSD
  14. DeepSeaDan

    Common, but Cool!

    This dive day saw me find something I've been looking for but just couldn't locate - until now! A beautiful, sparkling Belfast / Ross round bottom! I know they're fairly common, but it's great to finally have one for my collection.
  15. DeepSeaDan

    Fun Dives Finds

    This season, thus far, has been adventuresome, but the older sodas & torpedoes I seek have, as yet, remained elusive. Nonetheless, my u/w scooter has taken me to places I've never seen, in my quest for new hunting grounds. This underwater wandering is addictive! Yesterday, I was rewarded with a...
  16. DeepSeaDan

    Odd Ink...

    Found this today, never seen anything like it:
  17. DeepSeaDan

    Sunny Dive Day Finds

    Happy Spring, Bottle Lovers! Had a long, pleasant day of underwater bottle hunting yesterday. I'd found an newer dump ( early 1900's ) last week and decided to re-visit it to give it a thorough look, as well as excavate key areas with my scooter. Nothing spectacular came to light, though a...
  18. DeepSeaDan

    Beauty Black Find

    Another black for the collection! I’m thinking English beer, 1850’s
  19. DeepSeaDan

    Six for Saturday!

    Depressed that I missed fellow Canuk's "Five for Friday", I decided to steal some of his thunder for a Saturday Six-Pack, so to speak. Pictured here are six pipes I really like, against the backdrop of an offshore oil rig I called home for 2 years. Give us six of anything you've collected...
  20. DeepSeaDan

    Glass on Mirrored Glass

    Finally found the type of display cabinet I wanted! Looks beautiful at night, with the room dark & the glass all lit up!

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