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  1. epackage

    New shelving unit for some of my Paterson NJ stoneware...

    Gonna have my buddy wire lights in the near future...
  2. epackage

    Glass display cabinet for my FD badges

    Picked up a nice counter top display cabinet for Hickok Initialed Belt Buckles, great item to display my Paterson badges in. I'm gonna take out the display area and put in a black felt background, then I will be able to turn them 90° and display them all properly, with room for any others I...
  3. epackage

    AMAZING Kinch bottles from Paterson NJ

    They're not new to the collection, but they are in my Top 10 all-time Paterson bottles. Pair of Kinch bottles with Albertson & Matthews stopper, maybe one day I'll find the actual closure part so than can be properly displayed... These might be the only examples you'll ever see... The top one...
  4. epackage

    National Bottle Museum Pfannebecker display Paterson N.J.

    This was a display I had at the National Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa NY a few years back, today it would have another 10-15 Pfannebecker bottles in it, it was a gorgeous display for 6 or 7 months... The images are the guys who dug the Pfannebecker site back in the 1970's, they took home...
  5. epackage

    Quarts and 1/2 gallons PL from Paterson NJ

    These are my two favorite soda bottle collections to add to, still looking for a Brookdale Celery Soda. I believe I have all the Singer's, the Cherry and Cream sodas aren't pictured in the group, gotta take a new pic...
  6. epackage

    Two new COBALT Meds, last of 2021...

    Acquired two C. Heimstreet & Co. cobalt meds at the end of 2021, not what I collect so they will be sold off or traded, but they were too good to pass up...
  7. epackage

    C. HEIMSTREET & CO. TROY N.Y. Cobalt Blue Medicine

    I will be listing TWO Heimstreet bottles, this one is a DUG bottle, has surface bubbles and light scratches. It also has a WONKY neck/lip, no damage. It's a hinge mold cobalt blue BEAUTY, pics tell the story for sure. I am asking $275 for the bottle, but feel free to message me or email me at...
  8. epackage

    C. HEIMSTREET & CO. TROY N.Y. Cobalt Blue Medicine bottle

    I will be listing TWO Heimstreet bottles, this one is an ATTIC MINT hinge mold cobalt blue BEAUTY, pics tell the story for sure. I am asking $275 for the bottle, but feel free to message me or email me at to discuss the price. I will ship it for FREE in the USA, thanks for...
  9. epackage

    HOPING to acquire this Paterson flask...

    The Paterson NJ flask I desire the most, it was in the collection of a fellow collector who passed away, at this time I have no idea what happened to entire collection, but I have a phone call and email sent. North Paterson became Hawthorne N.J., but it's still very local and desirable to...
  10. epackage

    Great local Passaic County NJ bottle caps

    Very hard to find local bottle caps, you very rarely if ever see them... The 3 Graham caps sold for very good money even though they were used.
  11. epackage

    Added 4 NEW NJ FD badges, two from Paterson, two from Passaic

    UPDATED, UPDATED, UPDATED, UPDATED !!!! EXTREMELY HAPPY I was able to make a trade for these 4 FD badges, two of which are Paterson badges/medals, it's an early Christmas present to myself. The 3 gold suspension badges are ones that world renowned FD collector Jim Piatti had showed me while I...
  12. epackage

    All bottle boxes should be this good...

    Grabbed a bunch of bottles, some real local beauties in here... The two amber Umabach's have different slugplates, everything is for sale...
  13. epackage


    Next Sunday at the Pompton Lakes Elks Club, our 51st Annual Show and Sale!!! If you tell the guy at the ticket desk that you know me, he'll only charge you $3.00, and let your kids in for free!!!! One of New Jersey's TOP SHOWS, Be There Or Be Square!!!
  14. epackage

    PATERSON NJ BADGES, I love them, got any, let me know!!!

    I collect Paterson NJ fire dept. stuff, I LOVE the badges, here is what I currently have, always looking for more... Last item is a Parade Shield that you wore on the front of your helmet during parades, dates 1870-1880's
  15. epackage

    Nice German solid core swirl 1-3/8"

    Came in a box of stuff, I don't collect marbles so it'll find a new home. White, Red, Blue and Green swirls, lots of tiny bubbles, polished pontil, if interested please send me a message... Jim
  16. epackage

    Some new PATERSON NJ finds...

    Got a call to check out a collection from a long time Paterson NJ collector, mainly ephemera, but he also had some bottles as well. I grabbed three amazing photos and this collection of 10 bottles, I have all but three of them so the others will be sold. The aqua Liberty Bell Beverages and the...
  17. epackage

    Paterson NJ 1/2 gallon script jugs

    Got a couple of bookcases from a guy getting rid of them on Craigslist, screwed them together and now we have this collection of 1/2 gallon Paterson NJ jugs display... I have a bunch more but this seems to be the best layout for now, more shelves coming.
  18. epackage

    American Codd from Paterson, a truly great bottle...

    Certainly a favorite, the only known full Codd from Tiffany & Allen, my buddy has one broken at the marble area...
  19. epackage

    Paterson New Jersey's ONLY pontil sodas/beers

    The green Archdeacon from 1850 is a very rare bottle, the BLUE one is the only example I am aware of. There is a rectangular slugplate from 1847 that I have a shard of, but no bottles have ever been found, this is the only shard I am aware of. William Archdeacon and his family owned a lot of...
  20. epackage

    A couple new Paterson N.J. stoneware jugs

    Thanks as always to those who think of me when it comes to Paterson bottles and stoneware, I was able to acquire the Dillistin Grocer jug from someone who used to come to our bottle club meetings, and the Garrison was given to me as a gift. Both are 1/2 gallons, the most desirable size in...

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