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    Milk and Jelly

    Found a new-to-me dump today, while doing some prospecting near an 1860’s house, nothing of that age, but a couple nice St. Louis Dairy Co. half pints, and a Moores and Ross half pint, as well as a Crystal jelly jar lid. Moores and Ross sold their dairy operation to Borden in 1928 to focus on...
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    Paneled bottle and a WWI cartridge while prospecting

    No, Missouri. I figure it was most likely surplus given the rather late manufacture date, and the proliferation of Mausers as sporting rifles post-war. There was also a drill field nearby, and in an adjacent dump I’ve been finding US Army-marked toothbrushes (WWII era), so many possibilities
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    St. Louis creeker/digger here

    Hey everyone, been posting for a few days but thought I’d make a formal introduction, I’m Abby, and I I’ve been looking for artifacts since I started looking for Native artifacts in my grandma’s field when I was 9. Eleven years later and still going strong, but mostly look for bottles now, ever...
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    Finds from a dig last summer

    Love those cotton reel inks.
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    Paneled bottle and a WWI cartridge while prospecting

    This site is looking pretty good, lots of 40’s jars and bottles but some older stuff in there too, hopefully the older stuff will come out when I start digging. Found these two on the surface, the cartridge is German, made at Lindener Zündhütchen und Thonwarenfabrik in Hanover, May 1918.
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    St. Louis Quality (with Crown motif) by Root Glass Co.

    Very nice! After looking with a loupe it seems mine is 13 as well, but the right side of the 3 is weak and it has a little blob that makes it look like a crude 5.
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    black opaque bottle, seems old

    Can you get a close-up of the neck with stronger lighting? Trying to figure out if it’s an applied or tooled lip (and also if it’s dip mold or turn-mold)
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    St. Louis Quality (with Crown motif) by Root Glass Co.

    Found this at a new dump site on the surface, can’t find any other examples online, just the deco Quality bottles. Date code is 15, mold code is 1653

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