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    Special Coke Bottle.

    I'd wager that, that bottle did not sale. Here is another example of the seller has no clue or is just fishing.......
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    One of a Kind Dr. Pepper Bottle for sale!

    Empty or full............. $30.00.
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    Unusual Orange Crush Beverage Co Bottle

    It's a 'Fullmers', the blue and white label is gone. There are three of them two 12's and a 7 oz.
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    New here! Hello!

    Saskatchewan.................Dead South...............hell yea.
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    46th Annual South Carolina Show & Sale 2-15/16-2019

    I got one bottle, 4 crown caps.......................and missed one bottle that Henry got.
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    Confederate Statues or Losing Minds Over History

    "I have no long as a plaque is added." From this statement it would seem you do have issues with these monuments, what are they? Why add a plaque, do they not say enough already? These monuments were erected in memory of the lost lives of the men and boys who served in a...
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    Confederate Statues or Losing Minds Over History

    So what ya think about em'? What do you think they represent? Think they should be removed from sight? Hate the Confederate flag? How does affect you and why? Seems there have not been many worthwhile subjects here recently, so here's one. Anyone have forefathers that served in the Confederate...
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    Whats up old guys???

    Buster........that's his name.
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    Whats up old guys???

    Yea I wonder what has happened to many past members............I mean WAYYYYYYYYYYY back when Woody was moderator and the site was owned by that Cat in England. Ol' Jadgermiester got pissed in 05' and left because we sometimes talked about more than bottles. Let's see who I remember Glass Man...
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    Something Wrong At South Carolina Walmarts or Every Thing Is Orange

    After several trips to various Walmarts in the Great State of South Carolina I noticed many,many people wearing orange...........same thing at CVS AND Bi-LO. It was like that every where I went today. Perplexing it was till I remembered that today them Tigers from Clemson are going to beat the...
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    Bottle Collection Needs Good Home

    Or send me pictures at
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    Bottle Collection Needs Good Home

    I'll me @ 803-657-7970, can take em' off your hands in a matter of minuets........maybe.
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    Applied color labels (acl) - hand painted labels & machines

    Hmmmmmm, I missed that. I still do not understand or see why I've seen so many of these bottles and in the condition that I saw them........maybe,
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    Applied color labels (acl) - hand painted labels & machines

    Bob, can you show us an add for Jumbo Cola from 1934? As many of these bottles that are out there they must have been very popular and without a doubt they advertised.
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    Applied color labels (acl) - hand painted labels & machines

    Call me a sceptic I still do not believe these 'JUMBO' bottles are from 1934 as I have seen far too many of them..........................and all in great condition.
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    Gold RC Royal Cola Bottles

    Can't tell you about RC, but Coca-Cola made gold bottles also. They were given away at plants/workers that had reched a milestone such as time of service or years a plant has been operating.
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    Glassman Is No Longer With Us

    Just to let the few who remember Jamie 'glassman' Lindsey know hat he and his wife Nina are no longer with us. Met him a couple off times at the Rome show. Yep a real hippie, I liked him a lot.
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    value of Mountain Dew Duraglas gallon jug

    Nothing better than telling people how they were wrong.
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    3 Unkown Sodas from Columbia, SC Area

    Cracker Jack dates from around 1920. Can't tell ya anymore than that. G&W is for Gillis &Whitesides from around 1930, they are fairly common. Fitzgerald Bros. nothing. Go to Book of Faces and look for Marty McMurtury.
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    Deco bottle question

    I remember way back day when the pages were blue....................oh how we'd feud over the descriptions of bottles such as this one.....................................AND THEN IT ALL STARTED HAPPENING. Most of all I miss Mr. Lobey and his wit, I think of him often.

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