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  1. Harry Pristis

    Need help to identify various cylindrical bottles

    Someone really loved his cocktail onions or olives -- garnishes. That's the common use for these cylindrical bottles. The trove may represent many, many martinis. Have you found the gin bottles?
  2. Harry Pristis

    Would like to identify and date this clear--flask? Liqueur bottle? With kick-up base

    Looks European. The only wine bottles in aqua/colorless glass that I can think of is for tokaj wine from the tokaji region of Hungary/Slovakia. The tokaj bottles that are unambiguously identifiable have a glass shoulder seal marked with that name. This appears to be a half-bottle. Anyway, if...
  3. Harry Pristis

    Thought it would be easy picking, after getting hit with a DERECHO.

    This Wikipedia feature is interesting:
  4. Harry Pristis

    Could anyone tell me anything about these demijohns?

    I can see that the lip is applied. That suggests a date prior to about 1880, but not by much. These flat lips are commonly tooled from the glass of the neck, a later innovation. The flat lip without overhang to anchor a wire bail suggests to me that this demijohn was not intended to contain...
  5. Harry Pristis

    Warner’s Safe Kidney & Liver Cure/ Rochester, NY/ Hallettsville, Texas/ Antique bottle

    The white paint really brings out the embossing. I'm sure that project took time and patience. I have struggled to get decent images of similar bottles by adjusting the lighting with limited success.
  6. Harry Pristis

    Could anyone tell me anything about these demijohns?

    The cylinder looks to me to be 1840-60, probably American. The other needs better images at perpendicular angles and with better back-lighting. Like this:
  7. Harry Pristis

    Tall with a green gradient, olive oil bottle, maybe?

    It's a cologne bottle. Search this forum, and you'll find a recent thread featuring these bottles.
  8. Harry Pristis

    Unknown Bottles

    Not a ginger beer if it is not marked as such. These UK-produced stoneware bottles were imported in prodigious numbers. The contained ALE, and without other marking are best described as stoneware ALE bottles.
  9. Harry Pristis

    Stoddard, or not stoddard?

    I am fond of 18th C. bottles.
  10. Harry Pristis

    Stoddard, or not stoddard?

    Well, Jerry, I can't disagree with what you present. I've always understood that Stoddard glass tended to be peppered with micro- to seed bubbles. I don't have a porter that I can claim as Stoddard glass. I do have a couple of demijohns that I've decided are from Stoddard, even though they...
  11. Harry Pristis

    Stoddard, or not stoddard?

    Interesting talk from experienced collectors. I reviewed Mckearin's BOTTLES, FLASKS, and DR. DYOTT, but didn't find much to illuminate the thread. What WOULD illuminate the thread are IMAGES of the bottles you are describing. How about it?
  12. Harry Pristis

    Stoddard, or not stoddard?

    I don't see the similarity between the "stubby" pictured and the typical Dyotteville fifth.
  13. Harry Pristis

    black opaque bottle, seems old

    Please tell us where you have read about the coal smoke . . . Cite one or more publications. Thank you. Coal smoke has nothing to do with blackness (opacity) of the glass. Ashes referenced are from Beech trees. Coal clinkers are not coal smoke, nor are they even coal -- clinkers are the...
  14. Harry Pristis

    Wine testing/Cologne bottle - name

    Are you confusing a glass hydrometer with this cologne bottle? All the wine testers on French eBay are low-rimmed sterling cups.
  15. Harry Pristis

    Help needed

    It looks like a handled bochsbeutel wine bottle, or maybe a colorful handled whiskey.
  16. Harry Pristis

    black opaque bottle, seems old

    I thought I had heard all the collector myths about bottle-making, but this coal idea is a new one. Coal is black, the bottle is "black" glass . . . ipso facto! o_O What is the melting temperature for coal, I wonder. Of course, this is a silly idea - so obviously wrong, I wonder how it...
  17. Harry Pristis

    Demijohns Flatten Apple

    My guess is that these date to the late 1800s to 1910, fairly late in the history of these demijohns. That guess is based on the lip finish on each bottle. You can probe the bottoms for a pontil scar using a crochet hook or other thin tool. Value is more difficult -- there is no "going...
  18. Harry Pristis

    Star of David bottle

    It's hard to believe that a Jewish ceremonial oil bottle would be embossed in English "M O" instead of Yiddish "מ אָ". Trying to reconcile the strong evidence of "doll nurser" with the zero evidence for "Myrrh Oil" using the Nazi canard is just preposterous.
  19. Harry Pristis

    Star of David bottle

    Interesting. Apparently, these doll feeding bottles were in wide use, at least in Western Europe in late 1800s. Here is a pair from France:
  20. Harry Pristis

    Myers & company pure Fulton Whiskey glass gallon jug

    Well, your bottle is not as old as this one. I'd guess it's early 20th Century. Probably had a wood case for shipping, rather than wicker. But that's a guesss. Mine is a globular form, 20 inches tall (5 gallons), colorless glass, applied and tooled lip, American, mid-1800s. Stencilled on the...

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