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  1. cowsgomoo

    Found this extremely dark green bottle with a mineral finish today.

    Bought this from an antique store because the bottom was unusual for mineral finish bottle. I’ve only seen so many pontil bottles in person but this one has a kick up base but it’s definitely made with a mold and not a turn mold. Any guesses to the age would be appreciated.
  2. cowsgomoo

    Found this bottle yesterday and cannot find any pictures of it online…has anybody seen this before?

    Found digging in Baltimore with a group of guys and nobody has seen one like this. The Hochstadter Co embossed on two panels amen a partial label on the front. This company made a type of bitters that I have located online but the bottle doesn’t look like this. I’m thinking it could also be...
  3. cowsgomoo

    Wm Wolf pontiled medicine

    I bought this today from an antique store in PA and despite my searching can’t locate much about a William wolf in that area. Any guesses as to the date or knowledge of this druggist?
  4. cowsgomoo

    6 3/4 oz, B 58, 2716-6 bottle

    I was hiking to look for a bottle spot and found this along the way. The finish resembles a dairy bottle and the B makes me think Bucks Glass. I can’t figure what dairy product would have been sold in a 6.75 oz bottle with stippling that makes it look like it’s a to-go style of beverage.
  5. cowsgomoo

    For Sanitary Reasons This Bottle Not Returnable

    1939 OI crown finish bottle with this along the heel. When I tried to search previously for this phrasing it kept returning different variations of “no return” but nothing with this exact phrase along the bottom.
  6. cowsgomoo

    Bought this pontil pocket flask at a yard sale

    It has a cracked off pontil on the bottom and the finish has been smoothed down. I’m not sure who the portrait is of or what the object depicted on the back is.
  7. cowsgomoo

    Interesting find from an antique store. Has a pontil bottom and crude flared finish

    I’m not sure if is a genuine poison bottle but I can’t imagine somebody would go through the trouble nowadays to make it look like a really old one. It’s a heavy bottle with a skull and crossbones on it with “AOISON” under it. Just trying to see if anybody has ever seen one like this before.
  8. cowsgomoo

    Bought this today from a local Goodwill

    It was very inexpensive so if this isn’t all that old of a bottle them I’m only down $4 for it. I think the stamp says “authentic glass” but I can’t make out what it says in the middle. The base could be a pontil because I’m not seeing any distinct marks to indicate it’s not and the base around...
  9. cowsgomoo

    Got three of those Hutches, 2 have the stoppers still

    F. Hake & Co / Fort Wayne Ind. Middle is Bottling (over) House C & Co on the heel. I got these at an estate sale so I’ve cleaned up the one without a stopper and left the copious amount of dirt and debris in the other two. I can’t find much history on this version of a bottle by Frank Hake...
  10. cowsgomoo

    Got these three over the past weekend. Possible pontils

    The Atwood’s / Jaundice Bitters / Moses Atwood / Georgetown / Mass one has an unusual and distinct circle on the bottom of it. I haven’t seen a mold base bottom with one of those like that. The second one is just under a foot tall and can’t sit flat levelly. I think it may be free blown since...
  11. cowsgomoo

    “Gets its” embossed on a homeopathic botte

    I’ve seen small homeopathic bottles before and this was hidden in a $3 grab-bag at an antique store I visited. I’m getting so many generic search results because the embossing is so common but oddly so unique too. If possible the S in Its is a 5 but I’m not 100% sure.
  12. cowsgomoo

    Any ideas as to the use of this pontil bottle?

    I think it’s free blown since a dip mold should have made the body more evened where it meets the shoulder. This bottle is not thick at all and I was surprised at how light it is. I can’t imagine how anything could be stored in it with a cork since you’d break the bottle taking it out.
  13. cowsgomoo

    Bought two round bottom bottles today with embossing on the base

    The first bottle “stands” at 9.75 inches and just under 2.25 inches wide and has an applied English ring style top. It has a strange arrangement of vent holes with one near the bottom but a cluster of three near the top in an arc. Feels like it’s a pound. The bottom is embossed 1282. Second...
  14. cowsgomoo

    Hi-Test. American Bottling Co. - cannot find anything on this brand

    This bottle has a big A on the bottom and Registered Contents 7 flu. ozs. Baltimore, MD and “7245-1(D or B, can’t tell)-44 I found it on a walk/dig in Baltimore.
  15. cowsgomoo

    Bought this today in WV. Intrigued by the shape

    This bottle has 686 and an A on bottom. It’s a three piece mold with the base, middle “outward” section, top, and then an applied finish that has a peculiar edge to it. There is some, for lack of a better term, gradation, to the bottle, as if the bottom of each mold has caused some whittling...
  16. cowsgomoo

    Bought these two 3-piece mold whiskey bottles.

    The first bottle pictured has 6 vent holes and the second one has 4. These are my first 3-piece mold ones I’ve ever held so I’m wondering if the base has a sand pontil (very noticeable on the 6 holed one) and how old can I gauge these based on their mold seams and where they disappear? Both...
  17. cowsgomoo

    Bought these today. The blue FA & Co strap flask is pretty cool

    The Full Measure Pint flask is interesting. Have only found one online that looks like it. No embossing on the bottom unlike the other. Total price for all of them was $12 before tax.
  18. cowsgomoo

    Went shopping on Black Friday and found two very old, yet surprisingly inexpensive bottles. Need help with narrowing down their date range

    I found this bottle for $4. The bottom is really unusual and the bottle itself has an unfamiliar look to it. The base is a darker shade of green then the middle. The top is an even darker shade. I think the bottom is a sand pontil but the presence of the K is confusing. I’ll attach some...
  19. cowsgomoo

    Wyeth 269 bottle with an applied top.

    The bottom has a lot of unusual lines in it which I don’t think is damage caused by age. The top is an applied top as seen in the pictures.
  20. cowsgomoo

    Bought today from an antique store. R & C N.Y. N.Y.

    For as small a bottle that it is I was surprised to see the embossing on the bottom. I don’t see a suction mark and the mold line runs up to a cm below the lip where the lip was tool-finished (inside is smooth). Inside the bottle some bubbles are protruding and can be felt. There are a few big...

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