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  1. Harry Pristis

    Is this a peppersauce bottle?

    I found a duplicate of this bottle -- broken -- in the Suwannee River at an early steamboat landing. This is a tall, well-made, thin-walled bottle with a crude lip. Perhaps a French or British import. I am uncertain of the dating -- second half of the 1800s is the best I can say. Anyone here...
  2. Harry Pristis

    Is this an ink bottle, or what?

    I have been offered this bottle as a trade, but I'm not sure just what it is. Anyone here recognize this rather distinctive bottle?
  3. Harry Pristis

    1760 French Brandy Bottle

    Here are new images of an early brandy bottle. I'm guessing it contained brandy, a high value commodity, because of the lead used to seal the bottle mouth. But, that's just a guess. It's more certainly a French lip finish. This bottle strikes me as a transitional form, as bottles became less...
  4. Harry Pristis

    Who collects cure & remedy bottles?

    Cure and remedy bottles -- that is, bottles with either of those two words embossed -- are abundant from the mid-1800s until the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906 forced many brands off the market. Most diggers/collectors have some of these bottles on their shelf. Some collectors specialize in...
  5. Harry Pristis

    Who collects pickle bottles?

    Here are a couple of 1870-80s, cathedral pickle jars: Show us some of your bottles.
  6. Harry Pristis

    Who Collects Black Glass?

    Who has some black glass bottles to show us? Don't be shy . . . Give us or get some information about your bottles here! Here are two pontil-scarred "leaners" to start us off:
  7. Harry Pristis

    Beehive Peppersauce Bottles, or What?

    I have a bottle (two, actually) that I've wondered about. I have no reason to think they're not American-made, but who knows? One has a neat blow-pipe (or a crude disc) pontil scar, the other a neat glass-tipped pontil scar. They are likely blown in a 2-piece mold -- possibly the same mold --...
  8. Harry Pristis

    Unusual Soda Bottle

    I have had this odd soda which I hope someone will recognize . . . just where it might have been made would be enough. I don't think I've ever seen another like it. I've photographed it alongside an American-made bottle from circa 1870 for comparison. I think they may be about the same age...
  9. Harry Pristis

    Extravagant Advertising for This Whiskey Bottle

    I was amazed and delighted to find this advertisement on Wikimedia. Apparently, the image is very popular because it is available in multiple sizes and exposures. The thing is, I can't figure out (beyond being eye-catching) what the harem scene has to do with Kentucky whiskey. Is one of the...
  10. Harry Pristis

    WHISKEY BOTTLES for Sale or Trade

    I have a couple of nice TOC whiskey bottles for sale or trade: The colorless (has a faint SCA tint) bottle is in excellent dug condition with faint spots of internal haze which are not evident on display. The amber, 3-pc mold bottle from a Chattanooga distillery is in excellent...
  11. Harry Pristis

    Odd Soda. Anyone Recognize the Form?

    Anyone recognize this aqua soda(?) form? I picked up the bottle in a Caribbean country just because I hadn't seen one like this before. There is no embossing. I believe it is from the second half of the 19th Century, with an applied, tooled lip. The sharp shoulder appears at first glance to...
  12. Harry Pristis

    Preserving Jars?

    Who has some early preserving jars to show us? Not canning jars, that is another thread.
  13. Harry Pristis

    Pontil-scarred Utility Flasks?

    Anyone got an early utility flask to show us? Not historical flasks, that's a different thread. :welcome:
  14. Harry Pristis

    Onion Bottles?

    Anyone got an onion bottle to show us?
  15. Harry Pristis

    Victory in '45 Milk Bottle

    I see that there are some milk-bottle collectors here; perhaps someone would give me an idea about the origin and rarity/value of a quart bottle I have acquired. The bottle is a painted label. It says: SUNNY BROOK DAIRY PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM PHONE S-5255 And on the reverse...
  16. Harry Pristis


    I need some help identifying and valuing a canning jar that I "rescued" at a flea market yesterday. The jar is an aqua half-gallon MASON'S / PATENT NOV 30th / 1858 with a monogram which appears to be FJCCo. The base is embossed B274. The lips on both jars are ground. This half-gallon...
  17. Harry Pristis

    NEW ENGLAND Embossed Sodas

    Here are a couple of soda-type bottles which I "rescued" at a Florida flea market a few months ago. (A "rescue" is when I don't really collect this sort of bottle, but I hope to find the rescuee a new home where it will be appreciated.) [8|] Both of these bottles are ABM-made with no bottom...
  18. Harry Pristis


    What can you tell me about this bitters bottle? It is embossed ARABIAN BITTERS on one panel and LAWRENCE&WEICHSELBAUM / SAVANNAH, GA on the opposite panel. It has a smooth base. It is one of the first bottles I ever recovered. I have never seen one for sale. Any info is appreciated...
  19. Harry Pristis


    Here are three wide-mouth bottles (or jars, if you prefer). I'll tell you what I know about them, and perhaps some of you will tell me more. All three were found in France. The bottles on the left and in the center have pontil scars on the bases. All are seamless, being hand-blown after a...
  20. Harry Pristis


    Here is a find of a sort I never expect to make again. I was just drifting in a river, near an old steamboat landing (that's where the bottles are). I had checked a number of bottles -- mostly Ancient Age whiskeys and recent beer bottles -- but didn't have any keepers yet . In 20-30 feet...

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