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    Batesville, Ar bottle

    Thanks for the info......darn, and here I thought I could be a millionaire overnight! [;)] But seriously; he gave it to me because he knew I like old bottles.
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    Batesville, Ar bottle

    Here is one like it, I tried to get pictures of mine but was told the file was loo big. Mine is more chipped, because a tractor dug it up. But this is the kind that it is. Now hopefully this picture will be with the post when I post it. Thanks, Nancy
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    Batesville, Ar bottle

    I was given a soda bottle that a friend found out in a pasture. I found one place that said it was from 1928. It's says lik-me on one side and on the other Quality in every drop. The bottom says Batesville, Arkansas 7 oz and around the bottom edge it has 400IE (or maybe 4001E). Can anyone...

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