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  1. Old Wiltshire

    Seasons Greetings

    - Compliments of the season to all forum members and their families 'across the pond' or where ever you may be from the members of the British Antique Bottle Forum. - - :)
  2. Old Wiltshire

    Show Video - Alton UK

    - A short video of a show at Alton in Hampshire UK last Sunday, 17th March 2019. Worth a look if you have a few minutes to spare. - - :)
  3. Old Wiltshire

    Canadian Label Catalogue - 1910

    - LAWSON & JONES OF LONDON, CANADA LABELS, CONTAINERS, BOXES ETC. - - Similar to the 'Druggists' Labels Sample Book' that I put up the other day here is another flipbook printers catalogue. It is an updated version of a copyright free example from the 'Internet Archive'. This one, dated...
  4. Old Wiltshire

    Druggists' Labels Sample Book

    - HARRIS & COMPANY'S SAMPLE BOOK OF DRUGGISTS' LABELS It has been a little slow with new threads on the forum over the last few days so here is something that may be of interest. Some members may have already seen this but if you haven't it is well worth a look. Dating to c1874 this sample book...
  5. Old Wiltshire

    Caleb S. Burdsal of Cincinatti

    - CALEB S. BURDSAL PART I A recent post by Basil W. Duke contained a bottle from C.S. Burdsal of Cincinatti - - I reminded me of a very similar example that I had bought at an...
  6. Old Wiltshire

    UK Summer National 2018 - Photographs

    - BBR UK SUMMER NATIONAL - 2018 The UK Summer national is one of four annual shows put on by Alan Blakeman and his team at the BBR Magazine. This years show took place over the weekend of the 7th / 8th of July. - I have already put these posts up on both the UK and...
  7. Old Wiltshire

    Below The Surface - Amsterdam

    - BELOW THE SURFACE - AMSTERDAM -"] - I was recently made aware of this project and put up a similar post on the British Antique Bottle Forum yesterday. It pulls together a few interesting links to this fascinating project and I thought it might have a wider interest...
  8. Old Wiltshire

    The California Druggist

    - THE CALIFORNIA DRUGGIST While researching something else I came across these online editions of ‘The California Druggist’ and thought they may be of interest. I’m not sure if they have been posted on this forum before but I suppose better twice than not at all!! There are six available...
  9. Old Wiltshire

    Trouble Accessing Online Catalogue

    - Is anybody else having problems or issues accessing the online catalogue for the latest Glass Works auction? -0-
  10. Old Wiltshire

    7UP Advertising Clock

    ADVERTISING CLOCK Hi, I am looking for a little help from some of the experienced ‘7UP’ collectors on here, particularly those with knowledge of the advertising pieces. I picked up this novelty advertising clock a few weeks ago at show and sale in Corsham, Wiltshire, UK. It is in working order...
  11. Old Wiltshire

    UK Wiltshire Bottle & Collectors Fair 2017 - Video

    UK BOTTLE SHOW THE WILTSHIRE BOTTLE & COLLECTORS FAIR CORSHAM - SUNDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2017 If you have a little time to kill then this 20 minute video of a local UK bottle show that I have put up on Youtube may just fill the gap!! If you don't like the music turn it down and play your...
  12. Old Wiltshire

    Testing The Water

    TESTING THE WATER! Since joining this forum earlier this year I have been a regular visitor but have not put much up on it. I am in the UK and contribute on a more or less daily basis to the UK forums and this very occasionally includes videos which I put up on Youtube. I thought I would just...
  13. Old Wiltshire

    Test Post - New Member

    TEST POST - UPLOADING PHOTOGRAPHS I am new to this particular forum so just trying this out as a test post for uploading photographs - - - -0-

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