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  1. b.ecollects

    WTS Selling my collection

    It's a sad day, but I am selling my bottle collection, as I don't have the room to keep collecting and paying the bills is more important. I have: Soda and glass water bottles Beer and old liquor bottles 4 water/soda seltzer bottles Some poisons Apothecary bottles Milk bottles and more...
  2. b.ecollects

    Looking for an appraiser to value my bottle collection.

    Hi. I am looking for an appraiser in the Muskoka region of Ontario to give an estimate on my bottle collection. Any recommendations are welcome.
  3. b.ecollects

    I finally got a display for my collection

    I'm pretty happy with this display. It was (is) in bit of a rough shape, but it works perfectly for my bottles.
  4. b.ecollects

    Here are some more bottle finds.

    Hello guys. Here are some bottles that I picked up from an antique store a few days ago. The first one is a smaller York Springs bottle that goes with my 30 oz York Springs bottle that I had before this one. The next one is a Lang's bottle from Buffalo, NY. I don't know much much about this...
  5. b.ecollects

    My modest lighter collection.

    Aside from bottles, I've been collecting lighters too. Here is my collection so far.
  6. b.ecollects

    Found a few bottles with a bottle book!

    I picked these up at the antique store today. The aqua bottle says on the face "P.A.Spongberg Rockford ILLS". The second bottle says on the face: "Contents Made By Miller, Becker & Co. M.B & Co Registered. Cleveland, Ohio". On the bottom of the amber bottle, it says: "Bottle Not To Be Sold...
  7. b.ecollects

    Looking for a digging partner in Muskoka, ON Canada for the digging season

    Hello. I would like to try bottle digging, but I do not know much about it. I would like someone to teach me about bottle digging: what the recommended spots to dig are and what precautions I should take. It's a bit hard digging on my own as I don't know where to start and what equiptment to...
  8. b.ecollects

    Old Car Oil Bottle

    I have this old oil bottle that I received in a bottle lot. It says on the face of the spout "The Master MFG.CO Litchhell ILL Paid. Sept 14, 1926" I had my mechanic buddy look at it and he confirmed that mechanics used to use bottles like this back in the day for storing car oil and drippings...
  9. b.ecollects

    What is this bottle?

    The embossing says on the front "Fiolio Brewing Co New York". It also shows a B with what seems to be a halo around it. I don't know much about this bottle or the company that made it. Any information is greatly appreciated
  10. b.ecollects

    Feigenspan PON bottle

    I have this Feigenspan bottle from Newark. I don't know much about this bottle. It has no embossing on the bottom. The only embossing it has is on the face, which says "Feigenspan PON". From the rough research I did, PON stands for "Pride of Newark". I don't know anything else about it. Any help...
  11. b.ecollects

    Pelissier and Sons bottle

    I don't know much about the history of Pelissier and Sons, but the bottle does have a beaver embossed on the bottom, so I'm assuming it's a Canadian bottle. On the back, it says "This bottle is our property any charge made therefore simply covers its use while containing goods bottled by us and...
  12. b.ecollects

    Bovril Bottles

    I picked these up from a fellow bottle collector in my area. These are Bovril paste bottles from between the 1880s and 1910s. In this set, there is one 8 oz, two 4 oz and one 1 oz bottles. I think they're a cool find.
  13. b.ecollects

    Bottle Haul prt 1

    I just recently found a lot of bottles in my friend's buddy's shed. There is around 25 bottles: in different sizes and colors. These are what I found to be some of the more interesting bottles out of the group so far. Some of these bottles have a toggle bolt with butterfly springs in the...
  14. b.ecollects

    Looking for Ontario bottles

    Looking for ontario (canadian) bottles: any kind of bottle.
  15. b.ecollects

    Need help identifying a bottle

    I got this bottle from the antique store nearby, and I was wondering if it is a good find or not. I don't know anything about this bottle, so any help would be appreciated
  16. b.ecollects

    Browns Beverags Bottles with a brief history

    Browns Beverages started out in 1873 by Dugald Brown, after he found a hole in the market when the town of Gravenhurst was starting to boom. He found a logging site that was on top of a natural spring and started to bottle spring water. He and his son Jack took over the operation and in the...
  17. b.ecollects

    1872 Moscow Polytenic Exhibition bottle

    The seam on the one side is really rough and the neck is not straight. The embossing on it roughly translates to "Moscow Polytecnic Exhibition 1872" The embossing on the bottom part of the face says "Ludwig Mark". I have no clue who Ludwig Mark is, but I know that it was a trade show in 1872 in...
  18. b.ecollects

    Pisos Cure Bottles w/ photocopy of a Pisos ad

    I'm pretty sure the amber pisos bottle is a more recent one. The green one is shorter than the amber one and the seam on the amber one goes all the way up to the top of the lip, while as the green one only goes up to halfway up the neck. The bore on the amber bottle is smaller than the green...
  19. b.ecollects

    American Cloth Cleaner Bottle

    There are bubbles in the glass and the bottle itself is a yellow color. My estimate is that it's from the late 1800s due to the applied double collar. My big question is, why is it yellow? Was it left out in the sun too long, or was it irradiated? I've never seen a yellow bottle like this, so...
  20. b.ecollects

    I have this small bottle that I need help identifying

    I purchased this bottle from my local antique store. The small size and the embossed lettering on it caught my eye. I do believe it's Ukranian lettering on the bottle, but I don't know what it says. It has a little spout on it too, so maybe it could have been a bottle for mixing chemicals? I'm...

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