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  1. Slabbing N Cabbing

    Backlit insulator shelf

    It’s my first time making one.
  2. Slabbing N Cabbing

    Insulator picker pole

    Hello, I was wondering if any serious collectors here have made a “picking pole”. It is a device used to unscrew insulators off their pins. I imagine most are homemade, and I would be interested in seeing some pictures if anyone has one. Here is a link to how to make one.. Insulator picking pole
  3. Slabbing N Cabbing

    My recent discoveries

    I will be posting my bottle finds here. I mainly search the Yellowstone river in eastern Montana. I’ll start with a 7-up bottle from ‘53. 7 oz bottled in Thermopolis Wyo. it looks horrible because it was found in a wildfire burn area. It was in four pieces that I glued together with loctite...
  4. Slabbing N Cabbing

    Help identify insulator, dark cobalt blue

    Here is what I assume is some kind of house hold insulator.. but I need help with information. It appears to be dark cobalt blue.
  5. Slabbing N Cabbing

    My collection so far.. for sale

    Hello my name is Nicholas. I am fascinated with vintage glass from North America. Here is my collection of insulators, that I gathered in the last couple months. Please let me know if you want one of these more than I.. they are for sale. Please message me if interested. Thanks.
  6. Slabbing N Cabbing

    Howdy from Montana...

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Nicholas and I’m from Montana.. I got the glass bug when I was hiking/ hunting, and found a purple solarized glass bottle bottom. Since then I have been collecting bottles from the Yellowstone river. I have been fascinated with old American...

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