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  1. seniorscuba1


    hutchinson's stopper bottles are a great find , i have several and it's always great when you find a new bottle for your collection
  2. seniorscuba1

    Schweppes Torpedo bottle.

    Hi I found a couple of Schwepps bottles not torpedo bottles mine are early mass produced pop bottles lookslike a real keeper
  3. seniorscuba1

    very large glass bottles, one with a round bottom

    Hi my brother-in-law inherited an old farmhouse in the north of Italy were there in 2004 and looking to the old place I found a couple of bottles that look just like this they were used to store wine . Dated to the mid 1800's
  4. seniorscuba1

    Hi Brent yeah i there are some nice bottles here in Nova Scotia I got one rare one, a J Roue...

    Hi Brent yeah i there are some nice bottles here in Nova Scotia I got one rare one, a J Roue torpedo it has the blob top broke off but that is how I found it
  5. seniorscuba1

    Log cabin bottle?

    nice find .. looks a bit like a case gin bottle although it isn't
  6. seniorscuba1

    Large crock storage jar

    Hi ,no it wasn't far from Shore, but the harbour can be rather busy spot with a lot of boat traffic so you have to be careful when surfacing.
  7. seniorscuba1

    Large crock storage jar

    Hi, I found this scuba diving , the day I found it we had just had a nasty storm and it was like diving in a mud puddle it had me seeing length of your arm. After searching back and forth a few times and not seeing very much I was about to call it quits when I put my hand down next to what I...
  8. seniorscuba1

    finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches

    Hi i worked for a major pop bottlers for nearly 37 years . As For the Pepsi and other aluminum cans I spent many years on a can line producing 1150 cans per minute 10 hours a day . the cans date from the mid 80's . . I saw allot of pop cans
  9. seniorscuba1

    hi. I have been SCUBA diving here in the waters near Halifax Nova Scotia . My first bottle was...

    hi. I have been SCUBA diving here in the waters near Halifax Nova Scotia . My first bottle was a Felix J Quinn crock I found after rolling out of a boat in the middle of a bay in 1974 looking for scallops . I went down and was right on top of it . I still have the bottle .that got me...
  10. seniorscuba1

    did not expect to pull these!

    Baby do that that man thank you sir brings back good memories for me to it was seat of the pants scuba t hose days. Using an old ex Navy flat neoprene wetsuit that you had to load the powder to put on an old set of Tanks -38 cubic foot co2 fire extinguishers stamp usn 1942 with a 1 1/2 inch...
  11. seniorscuba1

    did not expect to pull these!

    hi Hi I see in your profile you live near Georgian Bay 7 minute if I'm not mistaken it is from what I've heard the greatest shipwreck dive spots in North America if not the world. the wrecks are in freshwater I have never drove there unfortunately but from what pictures I have seen and talking...
  12. seniorscuba1

    What is your weirdest find?

    just checked the dentures aren't mine !!
  13. seniorscuba1

    did not expect to pull these!

    but I am from Canada !! and as I said i started to dive in 1974 ( no doubt before you were born ) it was the wild west of Scuba those days . I remember getting stopped in a roadblock coming back from a wreck dive once when the RCMP officer saw the tanks and gear in the back seat . he asked...
  14. seniorscuba1

    did not expect to pull these!

    One of the thing just because some old veteran decides to take a couple of souvenirs home doesn't mean what he's taking his safe. A friend of mine was working at the Museum here in Halifax when two young guys brought an army Foot Locker into the museum it seems to grandfather passed away and...
  15. seniorscuba1

    did not expect to pull these!

    hello One thing we find when diving around Halifax Harbor for 40 years is quite allot of old spent and live ammo, and don't be confused these things definitely safe just because they've been in the ground for 4 40 or 50 years ,doesn't mean when it gets warm they could go off. There is an...
  16. seniorscuba1

    What is your weirdest find?

    once while scuba diving for bottles in the North West Arm .( A small bay that runs off the west side of Halifax Harbor )'.when you are at about 50 or so the gravelly bottom turns to silt so when we dive here we run along the bottom in t with your hand in the silt sometimes up to your elbow...
  17. seniorscuba1

    Dead eye

    Hi that's ok I've heard both sides several times over the years and you're right about museums I've donated things to a local Museum as had several of the divers my generation the museum in question is a local Museum commemoration the wreck of the steamship SS Atlantic which wrecked near...
  18. seniorscuba1

    Dead eye

    Hello everyone I agree this is a touchy subject I dove this wreck at least 15 years ago maybe 20 the shipwreck in question was the iron hull brig called Petra. it is on a shallow exposed Reef just piles of scrap metal ' what the ocean didn't destroy professional salvagers over the last...
  19. seniorscuba1

    In codd we trust.

    Hi I found these two Cod Stoppers diving in Halifax Harbour not the cleanest place in the world. while poking around looking for bottles I came by an old rusty cable in a tangle on the bottom thinking anything under the cable if it didn't break should be untouched I moved around some of the...

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